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Dear Diary

So, I've found another blogworthy diary entry! In case you don't know the history of my diary you can check out this post first!

Happy Reading!

April 25, 1999
Since this is a diary & nobody is supposed 2 read it, I might as well right what eye want in it: I can't stand:

(I then proceeded to list 9 people that I apparantly couldn't stand, nicknaming the 9th person "Norton Scuzzwad")

They make me so stinkin' mad, MAD!

Sweet, right? Well on the next page I made a list of 3 "Boys Down the Drain" followed by an entry ON THE VERY SAME DAY that reads as follows:

April 25, 1999
Smile more!
Jesus is #1
A little smiling never hurt anybody, it just feels good like a back scratch!

(complete with illustrations)...

I didn't know a 12 year old girl could be filled with so much angst and display such mood swings! I'd like to think that maybe I was having these hard feelings and then the Lord did a work on my heart and that is the cause for the kinder post however over the next couple of weeks the entries weren't so sweet...

Truly sanctification is a process!


!!Mod Podge Mania!!

Ok, so it's a Saturday night and I'm blogging. Lame.

We did go out to dinner with family, which was fun; and we did have intentions of going to the dollar movie but the line was all the way down the sidewalk so we passed.

Therefore, here I am blogging on a Saturday night. Actually though, there are way worse things that I could be doing so, I'm not complaining...

So here's the deal: I'M OBSESSED WITH MOD PODGE!
Do you think there is an official name for those of us obsessed with it? Something like "modpodge-itis" or "modpodge-nucleosis" or maybe something more to the point like "that-crazy-lady-is-way-too-obsessed-with-mod-podge-bless-her-poor-hubby"???

Well, whatever it's called I've got it! Bad! I caught the contagious fever from fellow bloggers and really there is no cure. I probably did the worst thing possible which was buy the biggest thing of mod podge at wherever I bought it from months ago! The thing is still very full regardless of the fact that I am prone to mod podge EVERYTHING!

Something's that I have mod podged have turned out cute...other's not so cute...it never matters the end result, I always want to do more. Anyways, you get the point.

A while back I did this mod podge project and it definitely had a cute result! Yay!

AW & I have an old TV tray that we use as a side table in our living room. One week Hobby Lobby had their scrapbook paper 50% off so I got a few pieces and mod podged them to the once boring TV tray and...


As I said, I am quite happy with the result! I thought about painting the legs and edge black but since we live in a smaller space and already have a lot of black furniture I decided it would be nice to leave it light!

Here's the thing...I have a summer job before school starts however things have been slow so they haven't needed me as much. Well, one day after I had cleaned the entire apartment (to the point of even vaccuuming the furniture) I needed something to do.

We have a cheap, black, Wally World bookshelf and I decided to mod podge some extra wedding pictures to it.

Why? I DON'T KNOW! I mean it's not completely horrid but it is slightly tacky....



Scrapbook City

So, because I love all things wedding...especially all things my wedding I try to find an excuse to do a project related to it!

My mom bought a scrapbook for my cousin, Katie, who got married in 2006...well, she obviously forgot to give it to her because she found it the other day while cleaning the house. Lucky for me! She gave it to me!

Here's the deal, I used to scrapbook when I was like 12. & I did A LOT of it! Mostly because my mom was an avid scrapbooker and would have "Crop til you Drop" parties from time to time. Well, when she gave me this scrapbook it opened up my memories of scrapbooking and I got really excited! I mean REALLY excited! Like spent-way-too-much-money-at-Michael's excited!

I immediately went home after buying out Michael's and got to work. I was loving it...to the point of obsession. AW had to remind me to eat dinner (which I did...at 9pm)!  After 4 straight hours I completed my wedding scrapbook and thankfully did not use all of the stuff I bought at Michael's!

(Thank goodness for receipts because I made a heck of a return after AW had a small stroke)...

Here are pics of my scrapbook! Enjoy!

If you would like for me to scrapbook your wedding I would be more than happy to! =)


HeadBandit on the Loose!

A couple of weekends ago I had the honor of attending a wedding shower for one of my old sorority sisters, Mindy!
Mindy & Josh are getting married in September and I am so excited for them! Also, I LOVE buying wedding presents for people! It's so much fun to see everything they've registered for!
Anywho, the shower was in Auburn and I was really excited to see a few of my dear friends that I don't get to see that often!
Amy E. & Mindy decided to take us to this really fun jewelry making shop after the shower. They had been there a few times and loved it. I was excited to see what it was all about. 
When we got to Perch Beads I was overwhelmed with all of the beads and jewels and whatnot that we had to choose from! WOW! They have everything...I literally mean, everything! So, after my head stopped spinning from all of the choices, I asked Corrie (the girl who worked there) about a million questions and she was so nice and so helpful!
I decided to make a headband with a yellow flower because as we all know yellow is my favorite color!
When you come in the adorable shop that they have you get a cute bird plate to fill up with everything you need to make your accessory. You can literally make anything: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, belt buckles, ANYTHING PEOPLE, ANYTHING! 
After I had filled up my bird plate with everything I wanted to be on my headband I got to sit at a large table with all of these jewelry making tools. I think they had every jewelry-making tool ever invented!

Corrie and the other sweet girls started helping us make our works of art! I had to hand sew my little flower/bow out of the yellow ribbon then we attached a little jewel in the middle. I wrapped the headband in a different ribbon and then wire wrapped buttons on top!

It took me a while to complete it but I was so excited with the finished product! And despite a few needle pricks that I gave myself I had a ton of fun!
This inspired me to make more headbands and to become: The HeadBandit!
Last week Hobby Lobby had all of their jewelry making items on sale for 50% off! I took this as a sign and went to buy supplies!
I came home and immediately made two headbands and have shown them only to AW, MM & my mom! Thankfully they all loved them & said they thought they were cute & I could sell them! So, here is the deal, I am going to make some more headbands and sell them through here for now! If it takes off then I will probably create an online account elsewhere!
For now I am going to sell them for $5 a piece!!!
Here are some pictures:
This is the final product of my headband from Perch! This one is not for sale as I love wearing it & it is the inspiration that started this whole venture!
Here is one that I am selling! I made it for Shades Mountain's football season but if you like a football team that has green & yellow colors then this works for you too!
Here is the second one I made! I made it for Alabama football fans BUT if you just like the color red then this one is for you!
Here is a closer shot! Sorry for the crappy picture!

I also want to share some other pictures from our Perch experience:

 Amy E. about to start making her pieces! Take note of all of the jewelry making tools and all of the beads in the background!

Hillery made an adorable pair of earrings where she hammered "God is Love" onto the round, copper pieces!

Amy SnooSnoo made a really cool peace sign, leather bracelet!

Mindy made a matching set of earrings & necklace for her rehearsal dinner!


100 Random Things About Me

Ok, I am doing this because I read a fellow blogger's (Rachel) and was very entertained! So, if you have a few minutes, or a lot of minutes, read away!

1. As a child I was scared of dogs, mostly my best friend, Stephanie's dog because she was a little wild (the dog, not Steph). But these days I love all dogs and can't get enough of them.

2. My grandmother is a twin therefore making me terrified of the fact that it is possible for me to have twins! I don't think I could handle it!

3. I am left handed! southpaw represent!

4. Secretly I wish I dressed in a cute hip-hop style with push up sweatpants, k-swiss and big hoops earrings but my friends all laughed at me when I told them this...you really can't see it working??

5. When I was 17 and my sister was 15 we flew out to Palm Springs, CA by ourselves to meet up with our dad for a Cali roadtrip and I ate about 1,000 Pepto-Bismals on the flights over for fear of a.) losing my baby sis or b.) getting us both lost and ending up in Tiawana!

6. I get nervous/scared/upset pretty easily.

7. Because #6 is true this also causes me to hate change of any kind. I mean I DESPISE change! When AW & I were first married I cried on our honeymoon because I wanted to go home to my parents and then when we moved to our new apartment I cried for a week saying "This isn't our home, I want to go back"...and I will probably cry again whenever we move!

8. I played piano for about six weeks and I wasn't all that great hence the short career but I did play the flute for 4 years!

9. Regardless of the fact that I played the flute for a few years, I am in no way musically inclined. Although I do enjoy singing I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who enjoys my singing!

10. I failed my driver's license test 3 times...it was awful and I cried and thought I would never get it.

11. It is ironic that I cried over not getting my license because I hate to drive. It pretty much stresses me out. To the max!

12. When I was in school at Montevallo I would eat McDonald's late at night at least 3 or 4 times a month and every time I ordered the chicken nuggets meal, it would be free! It was awesome! & no, I have no idea why!

13. I love to read! All books! Any book! All the time! Any time!

14. I love to eat, I mean, who doesn't?? But there are a few choice foods that I detest and that make me want to hurl! They are: Bananas, Bananas, Bananas, Olives of any color, Cucumbers, Cherries, Mushrooms, & anything vanilla flavored!

15. Also, if someone wanted to torture me they would force me to eat McDonald's breakfast! I think their breakfast is absolutely one of the most disgusting things anyone could ever put in their mouth! YUCK!

16. Even though I hate Mickey D's breakfast they are my all-time favorite fast food restaurant. Their filet-o-fish sandwiches, deluxe burgers & chicken nuggets are delicious! & the mother of all delicious and unhealthy foods is Mickey D's FRENCH FRIES!!!

17. French fries & chocolate ice cream are my two favorite foods forever and always!

18. I am a naturally shy person. I am opinionated and outspoken among those I know but if you put me in a room of strangers I clam up!

19. I hate being the leader of anything! I would much rather someone tell me what to do than me tell others what to do but if no one else will take the lead I will.

20. Ironic that I don't like being a leader because I am #1 control freak! I love to control everything when it comes to our household. Budget, menu, movies we watch, activities we participate in, where we eat, EVERYTHING!

21. I L-O-V-E making lists! For a while I had a small journal that I kept in my purse just so I could make lists in it but then it became an obsession so I threw it away but don't worry, there are lists all over my journals, on notepads on our fridge and on my computer in Word docs!

22. I love to plan things. Probably because it means I am in "control" when I plan. I plan out our bills, I plan out our budget, I plan out our bi-weekly menu at home, I create self "career" plans...

23. ...the problem is carrying out the plans. That is where I struggle and that is where AW comes in because he helps me carry out certain plans that might be more important such as budgeting and paying bills!

24. I am the oldest of four children. My dad is the oldest of four children. My mom is the youngest of four children. I want my own four children.

25. My middle name is Catherine and I kept it and dropped my maiden name when I got married because if we have a daughter I want us to have the same initials. LCW. We will name her Lucy Catherine. Don't steal it!

26. I love to make lists of our future childrens' names.

27. I love to clip coupons and shop sales. I literally get a little self-induced dopemine high when my Publix receipt tells me I've saved 35% or more on my grocery purchase!

28. I love Publix and could spend hours talking about how much I love them!

29. I do not enjoy clothes shopping, I enjoy spending money. I hate to try on clothes and I hate to pick through the racks. This usually causes me to spend more than I should on clothes and that is why I try to limit my self to Ross & the Salvation Army. Can't get into too much budget trouble when you shop there!

30. I enjoy swimming and always have. My dad took me and my sister to swim lessons when we were really young and we were members of a pool almost all of my childhood!

31. I hate bugs and snakes and rodents of any kind! I would expound but I am getting chills just thinking about all of those icky things!

32. Foods I love: Cheese, Sierra Mist (only soft drink I drink), ice cream, french fries, chocolate, green peas, crunchy vegetables, tomatoes, Baked Ruffles!

33. My not-so-secret, secret life's dream is to move to an old turn-of-the-century farm house in Brantley, AL & be a pea farmer & wear overalls and a straw hat everyday!

34. I love flowers & I especially love growing them & that is one of MANY reasons I cannot wait to live in a house!

35. As much as I love to cook, I love to eat out. It is a weakness. I would much rather spend money on eating out than on just about anything else...well, besides crafting supplies!

36. Thrift shops of any kind and Hobby Lobby are my favorite stores to be in! I love to craft!

37. I love to re-do furniture but I just wish I had more space so that I could do it! I must say I am proud of my living room!

38. I am working on a website and this is my break. Whenever I need a little break I come over here & type a few! What fun! If you have a blog you should totally do this!

39. My dad took me to NYC when I was fourteen. It was two months after 9/11 and there was a middle eastern man with a turban on who did not speak English and was confused about something on our flight and I was terrified! The whole flight I just prayed and fought my urge to throw up but there was a nice flight attendant who brought me hot chocolate and empathized with me!

40. I hope I write a book that actually gets published one day!

41. My current life goal is to graduate college with my sanity! I am so nervous to start in August but really excited too! Major: English
                  Minor: Writing

42. I really enjoy facebook stalking people. People are very interesting!

43. I believe getting my hair done and getting massages are investments. The less stressed I am & the better I feel the better everyone else around me feels! =) Don't worry, I'm not really a diva, I just enjoy little self-indulgences from time to time!

44. I love old hymns. AW & I go to a church that sings hymns on Sunday mornings and I really, really enjoy it!

45. I do not enjoy watching movies. I think that most are a waste of 2 hours and I really only enjoy watching them to fall asleep!

46. I despise sweating! This is why I have adverse feelings about working out. It's just so gross and uncomfortable when you sweat! But I must admit that I would rather be hot than cold! I get angry when I'm cold!

47. I also get angry when I'm hungry. AW aptly calls this, "Hangry"! I can't help it, there is some kind of chemical imbalance going on when I'm hungry and I just get mad! It is a genetic trait as I have observed it in other family members!

48. I  enjoy the taste and smell of coffee even though I don't drink it that often. And when I do I get it decaf!

49. I enjoy playing with make-up and putting it on although I would be okay with never having to wear it again!

50. I am halfway through this thing and have no idea how I'll come up with 50 more random facts!

51. I love having my nails painted, I just don't love the fact that they chip so easily!

52. I get mouth ulcers ALOT! And I do not know why nor do I know of any cures! If you know of any cures please let me know as I have one right now!I have researched the topic & tried different things but nothing really seems to work =(

53. I really love it when people comment on my blog! I get super excited about it!

54. I love football!!! Of course the Crimson Tide is my favorite team of all time forever and always but I enjoy watching other SEC teams battle it out in the fall! I also enjoy going to my brothers' high school football games and I have already started worrying about the fact that they are both getting close to graduation and I won't have a reason to attend high school football games anymore...anyone need a fan for the fall of 2013??

55. I enjoy sports in general! I played basketball for 7 or 8 years and volleyball for 2 or 3 years! I also played softball for 2 years but that was a total flop as I was scared of the ball! I also really enjoyed playing ultimate frisbee in college!

56. I was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta at Montevallo and loved it! It was so much fun and I am a big advocate of greek life!

57.  I also loved being on Purple Side at Montevallo! PV for life!!! MOO PSI MOO!!! (for those that don't know, UM has no football team so for homecoming we divide up into Purple & Gold sides for the spring semester and put on student-led productions and compete! It is AWESOME!)

58. I enjoy playing Rummy, Yahtzee, Scrabble & Mad Gab! They are probably my favorite "board" games! I actually love all "word games"!

59. I thoroughly enjoy crossword puzzles! They are way more fun and challenging than word searches!

60. I love crocs! I won't lie, when they first came out I thought they were horrid and made fun of them and those that wore them but I have had mine for 3 years and would wear them every single day, if possible, and just about do!

61. I do not appreciate it when people make the "Laura Wilder" joke! Yes, I know my name is Laura Wilder. Yes, I know who Laura Ingalls Wilder is. No, I don't think it's funny!

62. I love my husband with all that I am and have! He is wonderful! I would have married him a year earlier if it had been possible! 

63. I have no desire to go to England. If I had my choice I would go somewhere warm and tropical or Italy! I love wine & cheese!

64. I enjoy traveling as you always learn something new however I wouldn't say I love it and I'm never dreaming of traveling to far off places. I enjoy the south...Destin, Savannah, Charleston, Cheaha, etc...

65. I not only know my cousins, I love them and they are my best friends!

66. My oldest or longest friend is Stephanie! We have been friends since we were 4! Almost 20 years!

67. I have always enjoyed studying symbolism whether it is in literature or art. I find it interesting and meaningful!

68. I love being a member of the Presbyterian Churches of America!

69. I love my crockpot and all of the yummy things it cooks for me!

70. I loved my wedding and getting married! I wish I could have a wedding every year so that I could re-wear my dress! I look through my wedding pictures weekly!

71. I should not be allowed to take naps as I am very grumpy when I wake up from them! I do not know why this is but it just puts me in a really sour mood! It's such a shame too!

72. I do not like to run. I get shin splints when I run plus I sweat! I do however enjoy nice walks at the park with my hubby and pooch in the evening time!

73. I'm not big on riding with the windows down. It messes up my hair and my hair gets tossed around and all stuck in my lip gloss! gross!

74. AW & I love to eat at Cracker Barrel! We are aware this makes us old people and we not only accept it, we embrace it! They have a delicious veggie plate!

75. I'm not anti-healthy but when I cook it is for taste and sustenance therefore I usually find a way to add a generous amount of butter to any dish! I've gotta tell you ladies, I have one happy & full hubby!

76. I despise cleaning the bathroom and washing dishes. I am beyond grateful for whoever invented the dishwasher and I am even more grateful for a wonderful hubby who doesn't mind cleaning the bathroom and washing dishes! I suffer through putting up clothes just to avoid the other two chores!

77. I am hypoglycemic which may be an explanation for why I get Hangry!

78. My favorite color is yellow! I love all things yellow except for bananas! I love yellow clothes, yellow flowers (yellow roses are my favorite), yellow housewares, YELLOW EVERYTHING!!!

79. I have about 6 pairs of shoes that I wear regularly. 3 for summer & 3 for winter...I'm really low maintenance when it comes to shoes & purses!

80. I love doing this post because it is one huge list! & I LOVE LISTS!

81. I don't eat pork. I think it is gross. & it is unhealthy!

82. I enjoy rainy days because it gives me an excuse to curl up with a good book and I don't feel guilty about not going outside!

83. I love the library! It is my happy place! I would spend 2 hours a day in there if I could and if AW would let me =)

84. I enjoy watching TV but it is not even close to being one of my favorite things to do. We don't even have cable! If we did have cable though, I would be addicted to TLC & HGTV!

85. I do not admire celebrities. I think being a celebrity is weird. & most of them are gross! The only reason I want to be famous is for writing! I want to be the next Harper Lee but hey, who doesn't?!
86. I would love to totally re-do an old house although I have no desire to design and build my own home!

87. I hope one day when we have our own yard that I have a vegetable garden! I love homegrown tomatoes!

88. I love to buy produce from farm stands! DUH!

89. I really enjoy going to Whole Foods and sampling the cheese there! It would be one of my "perfect day" activities!

90. I enjoy red wine. Nothing beats a glass of merlot with your hubby at dinner while you unwind from the day!

91. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this! & I hope you COMMENT!!!

92. I think it would be nice to have chickens in order to have fresh eggs!

93. I love eating my meat medium rare! It is the most delicious thing ever to cut a piece of steak, see the red and run the meat through the bloody/red juices!

94. I hate it, hate it, hate it when people touch my feet! I think it is gross and scary and I used to have nightmares about strange people grabbing my feet! The only person allowed to touch my feet is AW! My mom used to make me get pedicures! How cruel is that?!

95. I love to journal! I have so many journals in my closet! I have been journaling pretty much since I could write! This is probably why I love to blog too!

96. I love to buy new journals! The look and feel and smell make me a sucker everytime!

97. I need to finish this post so I can start cooking dinner!

98. I am a terrible waitress! It was my first job when I was in high school and I was awful at it but I had a lot of fun doing it because I worked with a bunch of my close friends!

99. I think it is weird that I have been out of high school for 5 years!

100. I am shocked I finished this!