Deep Fried in Ugly with an Extra Large Helping of Straight Up Tacky

Yeah, unfortunately the title basically describes the recipe box I created. So, the other night after I mod podged (is "podged" a word?) a new vase I decided to do a home-made recipe box. I got the inspiration from being in Jo-Ann's. I found a little un-finished wooden craft box and some super cute paper in my sorority colors (Red, Buff/Yellow & Green!) that had food items on them! The red was strawberries, the "buff" was popcorn and the green was apples! Now before we go any further you do have to give me creative credit for the idea itself. As you will see from the pictures later there will be no credit given for the actual finished product...but let's move on. I have a lot of craft paint and I have this one color called "sapphire blue". Doesn't that just sound beautiful? I agree! So, I decided to paint my little box the dark sapphire blue. I cut out the paper in different shapes according to it's natural shape. After the paint dried I mod podged the paper pieces over it and wow! The thing just could not be any uglier! First of all, the paint went on weird and was like different shades on the wood which I totally do not understand. Then the paint did not go into the cracks and so there are random spots of exposed wood. The paper pieces do not go together and just look plain awful! I had even purchased card stock paper to make little recipe cards on the red, yellow and green sheets. I have definitely earned myself a big Fat "F" on this project BUT I will not give up. I will continue to craft and mod podge, perfecting my skills one household item at a time. For now I need YOUR help! Please give me any suggestions you might have as how to salvage my poor recipe box!!! Look if you dare:

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