Life. Or Something Like It

As to be expected life has been busy, busy, busy these past several weeks.

I've slacked on blogging but who didn't see that coming?

So here's an update.

Today I am 30 weeks & 1 day! I went to the Dr. & my Wild Baby has a heartbeat of 150. He was active as always & is growing right along, I'm just SO ready to meet him & kiss him! 

I've been taking pictures every 4 weeks so here's a picture of us at 29 weeks (I didn't wear the lovely butterfly tank this time):

I love fall & I've been anxiously anticipating this fall season as it means I'm getting close to Christmas which is my absolute FAVORITE time of year AND it will be extra special this year with a new baby!

Last weekend Mom & I went to Kid's Market & I would say it was a successful trip & fun too. Afterwards we went to a little bead/jewelry shop and next door was a nursery. They were throwing out a ton of white pumpkins because they said they were rotten but you couldn't even tell & they were beautiful.

I got 2 and brought them home. I went to Michael's and $3 worth of stickers later & a little bit of fun I had some cute fall decor outside our front door:

Then, there was my sister's wedding this past weekend. It was beautiful and lots of fun! The best part was getting to spend time with family & see our friends that we haven't seen in a while. Here are some pics:

My dad & sis about to walk down the aisle!

The gorgeous wedding cake:

The yummy groom's cake (chocolate with peanut butter icing!):

A Reeves/Mus picture. It was so fun spending time together all weekend:

My hubby & me before the wedding. It was fun to be in a wedding together & to get to dress up:

So, there's the update on life lately amongst work, church activities, football games & parties. I go back to the Dr. in just 2 weeks! It's getting closer & closer...