I am the not-so-iron-woman. Although, I didn't realize it until one evening while cooking dinner. I was digging around in the freezer for ice. I've been obsessed with eating ice. I took out a couple pieces & attempted to put one in my mouth when it instantly froze to my lip & I couldn't get it off. I had to have AW help me get it off & it was not easy & removed some skin & I bled for the next 10 minutes.

That was my "What the heck am I doing?" moment. I called the Dr. the next day & they said it was a sign of iron deficiency (that & the fact that I eat 5-6 cups of ice a day) & prescribed some supplements for me. Oops.

Obviously it's not that big of a deal & is really common for women in the 3rd trimester but wow, who knew an ice addiction could cause pain?

Before we progress in this blog entry let me warn you it might get lengthy. I know I should update regularly so as to avoid lengthy posts but I don't. So, sorry about that. 

Anyways, here's my most recent pic at 34 weeks:

Please no comments about how "fat" or "huge" I may be. I'm aware. In fact, I vote we ban all men from speaking to pregnant women in general. Don't misunderstand, I am not anti-men. In fact, I would consider myself an anti-feminist but I am also aware of the stupidity of the male species.

You may think that sounds harsh but let me provide you with 2 examples.

True Scenario 1:
I was at work this past week talking with one of my male co-workers when another male co-worker walked up, looked at the other man & said these EXACT words, "Hey, she's fat".....



MUST we use the "F" word?


True Scenario 2:
I was shopping with my cousins & sister 2 days ago & we were leaving a large store when a man YELLED across the store, "Someone stop that lady, she's stealing a watermelon!"

MEN! I am aware of how I look! Don't you think I'm aware as I attempt to sleep at night & can't get comfortable therefore never sleeping more than 5hrs at a time?

Don't you think I'm aware when I'm trying to get dressed every morning & I'm frustrated because I might be covered but don't always look stylish? 

Don't you think I'm aware of how my body looks seeing as how I own a mirror?!

I realize you all think you're the funniest person God ever created, but you're actually not. And I actually DON'T appreciate your little comments & jokes. That is why I move we vote to ban men from speaking to pregnant women!

We recently had our picture made professionally by my dear friend Mary Margaret. She is an amazing photographer who truly has a gift. If you'd like to see the pictures, check out her blog here. I hope I don't disgust you all with my "fatness".

I'll move on from my angry pregnant lady rant now & share some pictures of the nursery! Those are always fun! I don't have any pictures of the bed with the bedding but I might post those later. Here is everything else:

Here's a before shot, back from this summer. Clearly it was our catch-all room:

Here is the crib set up!

The changing table all stocked up with diapers & wipes!

His chest of drawers. Thanks to my wonderful aunts the whole top is now almost fully covered with lots of wonderful books! Also, The awesome diaper cake my cousin, Amanda, made is up there too now. I'll have to post an updated pic later.

Here is the artwork my sister helped me do! She painted the verse on this canvas for us. It's the theme of the nursery!

And this is a picture of the main wall in his bathroom:

And the following are pictures of my first completed Pinterest project! I found the idea for these curtains on pinterest and made them the next weekend! I just hot glued lots of buttons on some boring curtains & voila!


We had a Dr.'s appt. this past week with an U/S & it was so fun getting to see him! The Dr. said everything looked great & we are right on track! I go back a week from Monday & start my weekly appts.! 

Anderson, come on down....