Who Are You?

So, now that we know we have a wildman on the way I can't help but wonder who he is. What he looks like. What his interests will be.

I hope he doesn't have his daddy's baby-squinty-eyes:

Or his mommy's baby acne:

I wonder if he'll be as suave as his daddy when we dress him up:

Or adorable like his mommy:

I wonder if he'll have too cute blonde hair & pretty blue eyes like his daddy:

Or reddish-brown locks & big brown eyes like his mommy:

It seems inevitable that he will suck his thumb:

I just hope he never feels confused (or maybe constipated) like his mommy & daddy must have at some point in their childhoods:


It's A...


Hooray! Our little wildman looks GREAT! Which is SUCH a blessing! 

I can not thank everyone for being so excited for us & with us throughout this awesome journey. It means more than I could ever express to have people all around, both friends & family, who are not only excited but also praying for us.

Everyday my heart is truly overflowing with love and gratitude and awe at what all the Lord has done for us & is doing for us. THANK YOU!!!

We've decided on a name...we think. But, we're still trying to figure out what we're going to call him.


Wow! It's SO AWESOME to be able to FINALLY call this child a him!!!

I knew it was a boy all along but I NEVER called him a" him" because I would have felt horrible if I had been wrong. But I wasn't =)

Now, all of the detailed nursery planning & cute-little-blue-onesie-buying can begin!

Of course, y'all know I cried when I saw that sweet little face on the screen. He is the cutest little man & now I can not wait to see him. To see what he looks like. To see if he has AW's blue eyes or if he's going to have blonde hair like AW did when he was a child.

I can't wait to kiss all over his sweet little face. To touch his nose and to just hold him close. 

The Dr. was so encouraging and said everything looked wonderful and he was really pleased. After our appointment we went & had lunch and AW thanked the Lord for our son by name and prayed for him & there I was crying in Five Guys at Brookwood Mall like a big goober.

Our son.


Wow.....amazing. Life is amazing. The way the Lord works is beyond me. I just have such a spirit of thankfulness lately.

Ok, I'm going to share some pictures & I asked AW if I could share the picture of our wildman's manhood but he said no. But trust me, it's there. The nurse said, "There is no mistaking. That is definitely a boy" hehe.

Here is a profile view of his sweet little face with his nose up & mouth open:

This is another profile view of his sweet face with his little fist under his chin. He really liked that position:

Here's one of his sweet little feet:

I promised myself that after we found out I could buy a little onesie for him but I wouldn't go crazy buying up every blue thing I saw. This is what I got this afternoon (one t-shirt that I couldn't pass up & an adorable fuzzy onesie):

He is a VERY active little boy already. I've been feeling him kick me for about a week or 2 & the U/S tech said he was very active. I don't think he's quite big enough that AW can feel his kicks yet but the Dr. said w/i the next couple of weeks he should!

Wildboy weighs 8ozs. & has a heartbeat of about 170/bpm right now. Thank you for all of your continued support! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Just call ME Pioneer Woman

That's right, move over PW, I'm here....but not to stay.

The other morning I decided to get ahead on our laundry. I was "caught up" but decided since I had to work the rest of the week I'd go ahead & try to get it all done.

Well as you may or may not know our washing machine is quite tempermental. In our last home it decided to leak 3 times!!! & when I say leak I don't mean a little drip, I mean flood almost our entire apartment with a 1/4in - 1/2in of water. Thankfully we had laminate flooring so we could scoop it up & mop it up but it never took less than 2 hours:

Yes, the towels on the floor are submerged in water:

The last time it happened it was doing something different so AW had my dad & brother come over to help him figure out what was wrong. It turned out that a teeny tiny little tube, no wider than my pinky, had popped out of place. Of course the tiny tube caused the HUGE mess!

AW popped it back in place & when we moved he taped it in place to as to hopefully-secure it from popping out again. 

Well, back to the morning where I was attempting to get ahead of the laundry game. I decided to wash all of our bedding first. I change out our sheets regularly but I decided to do all of our blankets and quilts too.

Into the washing machine it went and onto the couch I went. Not too long later I heard an awful, horrible, no good banging sound coming from the laundry room. I hopped up & ran in to shut off the machine before water started going everywhere.

Thankfully it was in between cycles so there was no water to be flung everywhere but some weird plastic thing had popped out of place and into the main arena. I have no idea what this plastic pouch thingy does and I did not want to risk some kind of a disaster to I pulled out the bedding which included a quilt my great grandmother handmade back during the great depression to help keep her family of 12 warm.

It was heavy. Wet sheets, pillow cases, fleece blankets & old quilts weigh A LOT when soaking wet. They felt like they still had some soap on them & still smelled really strongly of detergent so I drug the basket from the laundry room to my tub several times until all of the wet laundry was in my bathroom.

I proceeded to turn on the shower head & rinse it all out to the best of my ability. (I normally would have just let it all sit in the washing machine until AW got home to fix it but I didn't want to ruin the quilt). I rinsed and rinsed and squeezed and "mushed around" the bedding as best as possible.

I then proceeded to hand wring each item out and line dry it. I thought this would be a great idea, oh wait except it totally thunderstormed that afternoon.

Here's my bathroom looking like a Chinese laundry mat (not that I've ever seen a Chinese laundry mat I've just always been told this is what it would look like. Correct me if I'm wrong):

And here's my great grandmother's quilt "line drying" on our balcony:

I seriously thought about how strong the real pioneer women must have been because it took a lot of strength to wash those items & drag them all over my apartment. I often romanticize the simple life or think it would be fun to experience the Amish country but I'm over it.

Sure, gardening can be fun & canning jellies would be nice or learning how to sew, but forget washing laundry in a tub with a wash board or killing & cleaning your dinner before cooking it. I'm good with my washing machine & the frozen meat section at Publix.

I'm a wimp. I'm aware. But, I'm ok with it.