HeadBandit on the Loose!

A couple of weekends ago I had the honor of attending a wedding shower for one of my old sorority sisters, Mindy!
Mindy & Josh are getting married in September and I am so excited for them! Also, I LOVE buying wedding presents for people! It's so much fun to see everything they've registered for!
Anywho, the shower was in Auburn and I was really excited to see a few of my dear friends that I don't get to see that often!
Amy E. & Mindy decided to take us to this really fun jewelry making shop after the shower. They had been there a few times and loved it. I was excited to see what it was all about. 
When we got to Perch Beads I was overwhelmed with all of the beads and jewels and whatnot that we had to choose from! WOW! They have everything...I literally mean, everything! So, after my head stopped spinning from all of the choices, I asked Corrie (the girl who worked there) about a million questions and she was so nice and so helpful!
I decided to make a headband with a yellow flower because as we all know yellow is my favorite color!
When you come in the adorable shop that they have you get a cute bird plate to fill up with everything you need to make your accessory. You can literally make anything: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, belt buckles, ANYTHING PEOPLE, ANYTHING! 
After I had filled up my bird plate with everything I wanted to be on my headband I got to sit at a large table with all of these jewelry making tools. I think they had every jewelry-making tool ever invented!

Corrie and the other sweet girls started helping us make our works of art! I had to hand sew my little flower/bow out of the yellow ribbon then we attached a little jewel in the middle. I wrapped the headband in a different ribbon and then wire wrapped buttons on top!

It took me a while to complete it but I was so excited with the finished product! And despite a few needle pricks that I gave myself I had a ton of fun!
This inspired me to make more headbands and to become: The HeadBandit!
Last week Hobby Lobby had all of their jewelry making items on sale for 50% off! I took this as a sign and went to buy supplies!
I came home and immediately made two headbands and have shown them only to AW, MM & my mom! Thankfully they all loved them & said they thought they were cute & I could sell them! So, here is the deal, I am going to make some more headbands and sell them through here for now! If it takes off then I will probably create an online account elsewhere!
For now I am going to sell them for $5 a piece!!!
Here are some pictures:
This is the final product of my headband from Perch! This one is not for sale as I love wearing it & it is the inspiration that started this whole venture!
Here is one that I am selling! I made it for Shades Mountain's football season but if you like a football team that has green & yellow colors then this works for you too!
Here is the second one I made! I made it for Alabama football fans BUT if you just like the color red then this one is for you!
Here is a closer shot! Sorry for the crappy picture!

I also want to share some other pictures from our Perch experience:

 Amy E. about to start making her pieces! Take note of all of the jewelry making tools and all of the beads in the background!

Hillery made an adorable pair of earrings where she hammered "God is Love" onto the round, copper pieces!

Amy SnooSnoo made a really cool peace sign, leather bracelet!

Mindy made a matching set of earrings & necklace for her rehearsal dinner!

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