Refried Wine Bottle

Hello March! March is one of my favorite months because it means spring, Easter is right around the corner and MY BIRTHDAY! Can't wait for it all, but today I want to talk about a craft I did last night. I have been reading blogs of all kinds because they are just so darn interesting and in the words of my dear friend, Mary Margaret, inspirational! I found one blog in particular that I like reading, J Caroline's Creative Blog, and through reading I have discovered the wonder that is Mod Podge (which I can't help but pronounce "Modge Podge"). AW says it's just glue but alas it is so much more than simply an adhesive, it is a portal to infinite crafts! I went to Jo-Ann's craft store and WOW you can really spend your life savings in there fast! They had a ton of stuff on sale plus, in the scrapbook section, they have these dollar bins filled with stickers, ribbon, rub-ons, die-cuts, cardboard letters, etc...Just being in there I kept getting all of these wonderful ideas that my poor bank account just can't support. Anyways, I went into the store with plans to "modge podge" some cute paper onto a canvas craft that I have been working on but when I got there the ideas just started flowing and I wanted to mod podge everything I could think of. Luckily, the first thing I thought to mod podge wasn't a major piece just an empty wine bottle that I have been using as a vase for the flowers my husband gets me. I like the dark green color and the shape of the bottle. I decided to find some cool paper and anything else that I thought might look good to accessorize this new piece. I found two different papers, one was thin and it was a light blue pattern and the other was a thick orange-y/peach-y colored floral, asian pattern for $.59 each. I then found these cute 3D stickers that were 40% off so they were only $1.79 each (I bought two packs). 
 I got home cooked supper for my hubby (chicken pot pie, YUM!) and got to crafting. I peeled off the label and then measured the blue paper to the bottle and cut accordingly to fit. I then cut out the floral paper in the shape of the patterns. I covered the bottle with mod podge and applied the blue paper, then I put mod podge all over the blue paper and then put the floral paper over top and put mod podge over it. After it had all dried I added the stickers and voila! -- A new vase! I also added a strip of the blue paper to the top rim of the bottle to add some balance. This was fun, relaxing, easy, cheap and you can pretty much mod podge anything you want from furniture to old wine bottles! A quick tip: I prefer to use sponge brushes with mod podge because it is so thick and with a sponge brush it goes on evenly and you don't have to worry about brush bristles coming off into it and being stuck on your piece. Let me know if you mod podge anything because I am always looking for ideas & of course I will supply you with pictures of the final product!

The cost for a new vase was (add $8 to the total if you don't already have mod podge and sponge brushes):
$1.18- paper (2 pieces)
$3.58- stickers (2 packs)

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  1. That's too cute!! I say modge podge too...you just can't help it!

    And yes, Jo Ann can suck up your money faster than anything else...ever.