Dear Diary

So, I've found another blogworthy diary entry! In case you don't know the history of my diary you can check out this post first!

Happy Reading!

April 25, 1999
Since this is a diary & nobody is supposed 2 read it, I might as well right what eye want in it: I can't stand:

(I then proceeded to list 9 people that I apparantly couldn't stand, nicknaming the 9th person "Norton Scuzzwad")

They make me so stinkin' mad, MAD!

Sweet, right? Well on the next page I made a list of 3 "Boys Down the Drain" followed by an entry ON THE VERY SAME DAY that reads as follows:

April 25, 1999
Smile more!
Jesus is #1
A little smiling never hurt anybody, it just feels good like a back scratch!

(complete with illustrations)...

I didn't know a 12 year old girl could be filled with so much angst and display such mood swings! I'd like to think that maybe I was having these hard feelings and then the Lord did a work on my heart and that is the cause for the kinder post however over the next couple of weeks the entries weren't so sweet...

Truly sanctification is a process!

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  1. LOL - my last post was about an angst-filled Junior High moment, too. Isn't it amazing how those moments stick with you?? And how GLAD you are that you NEVER have to return to them!!!