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This is my first time blogging from my iPhone. We'll see how this turns out...

We don't have Internet or even a computer at our home; shocker, I know. But I do have a smart phone so I'm not completely out of it ;-)

I love reading other people's resolutions for the new year! Some are laughable, some are typical & some are smart! I'll share mine and you can decide which they are although I'm pretty excited about them!

MY 2013 GOALS:

1. Learn to sew -- I have a machine & I'm ready to learn! If you're interested in giving me lessons let me know!

2. Do a book club -- I'm excited because this goal is already underway! If you want to join in, let me know!

3. Coupon -- I used to be really good at this but then I had a baby. I haven't done it for a year so I'm super excited to get back in it!


1. Have dinner at our table 4 nights a week! It can be any 4 nights as long as we do it!

2. Memorize 1 verse a month!

3. "No More After 9" -- turning off our tv & smart phone at 9:00 which will either send us to bed early (always a win!), create an environment for more communication, or get some reading done! This applies for Sunday-Thursday nights.

Of course we have other goals as well but these are some fun ones that I wanted to share! I'd love to know what your goals are for the year!

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  1. Great goals! We've been trying to find a iPhone/tv plan that works for us for years, but it's easier in the warmer part of the year when we can go sit out on the porch to escape.