Christmas Burnt, I mean Brunch

Was your Christmas wonderful? Was it picture perfect, like something from a Rockwell painting? Did your breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner come off flawlessly and taste absolutely perfect? Was your home decorated beautifully with seasonal candles burning away?

If so, congrats! If not, welcome to my club! The Christmas Burnt Brunch Club.

While, overall, our Christmas day was filled with family, good food & some cute pics, it wasn't perfect.

Anderson actually slept until 8:15 which was a Christmas miracle! We got him up, changed his diaper & jammies (so much for Christmas morning pics in his actual Christmas jammies...thanks leaky sposie!) and showed him his gifts. He was so sweet & was having so much fun! It was so fun to watch him play with his new toys and babble on about how great of parents we are who knows what!

In the midst of our Christmas morning Hubby caught a case of The Grinch. Yes, we began to "tiff". In fact, we were still "tiffing" when my in-laws arrived. Isn't that what everyone dreams about???

Thankfully we talked it out & Hubby apologized to everyone for being The Grinch. We moved on & not a minute too soon because team work was right around the corner.

You see, in years past we have alwasy spent the night with my parents on Christmas Eve & woken up to a delicious breakfast of Monkey Bread on Christmas morning. Well, actually, that didn't happen last year. I don't really remember what exactly happened last year as our Baby was 3 days old. Moving on...

So, since we were spending Christmas morning as just the 3 of us I decided I must make Monkey Bread. I lovingly prepped it the night before after getting home from my aunt's house. It was probably close to midnight before we went to bed due to breakfast prep & setting out the gifts.

I popped the monkey bread in the oven Christmas morning & hopped in the shower. My in-laws arrived and we were all talking when the oven timer went off. I opened the oven, excited & nervous to see the final product when smoke billowed out from my oven & a burning sound sizzled & popped on my oven floor.

I waved the smoke away & looked inside...The 2-piece tube pan had leaked the brown sugar/butter mixture all onto the bottom of the oven where it was solidifying into a carbon crust!!!

We determined the monkey bread was finished & set it aside to cool. Hubby shut the oven door to stop the smoke & opened the back door. We could have just kept the door closed & turned the oven off & ignored it for a bit except that I had two quiches I had made that had to go in because they would take 30 minutes to bake.

So, we turned the oven off, let it cool for a few minutes & then my dear hubby got to scraping away that carbon crust!

Yeah, Yuck.

At this point we were laughing. I mean, what else are you supposed to do?

After a good scrubbing we turned the oven back on proceeded to finish baking Christmas brunch!

The monkey bread wasn't perfect but it was pretty close & tasted yummy!

Thankfully the quiche came out great & Christmas brunch ended up being delicious! So, there we sat in our sweats with a pile of laundry on the couch, eating our barely-survived brunch watching our sweet boy walk around with his favorite Christmas gift: a $2 toothbrush.

Although the morning didn't go just as I had planned I thought about what Christmas was about & reminded myself that imperfections are the reasons there is Christmas. Christ came to die for us messy sinners who argue with our spouses, burn breakfast & leave unfolded piles of laundry lying about. Christ came to save us from all of our sins. No matter how great or small. And He is coming again. 

Oh, how I can't wait for that day!

When all is restored and set right. 

O Come, O Come, Emmanual!

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  1. At least the burn wasn't your fault - it was your pan's fault!

    I have to say - something about having kids brings out Christmas morning imperfections like no other. We had a run of several years in a row like that (tiffs and crying kids and injured kids and tiffs about injured kids and such.) Somehow this year, although I was deathly afraid, we came out unscathed.