No Sew Quiet Book

I've decided to "Blanket Train' Anderson. Some of you may already know what this is. I first read about blanket training from the Duggar's first book. It sounded like a really interesting concept so I took it on.

I have to admit I haven't been as consistent as I've wanted to be, but even so he is doing great with it! The idea is to have a certain blanket that they sit on & play quietly on. No getting up, no running around. It teaches self-control, discipline and contentedness as they get 1 quiet toy to play with. 

I love all of these quiet books I've seen floating around Pinterest but I don't have sewing skills (yet!) BUT I do have lots of random, leftover craft supplies so I decided I would just make my own quiet book for him with the supplies and skills that I do have!

He has enjoyed playing with it & I had fun making it! I had some felt sheets leftover from a Christmas craft that I ended up not even using. I cut the felt into "pages" & added to them from there.

I used 2 different colors of felt for the first "page". I added these beads on a piece of yarn & triple-knotted it then hot-glued it on. This is one of his favorite ones to play with!

 For this page I just hot-glued some different ribbon tags on. I also cut the corners off the felt to add some interest. Too. Easy.

On the blue page I hot glued these wooden tools (leftover from one of his nursery projects). They're so cute!

On the next page I cut some fringe to add some interest. I then painted these craft sticks & hot glued these colored stars on. Seriously, a monkey could have made this thing and he really likes it!

The last page is another piece of red felt with some paint pen polka dots all over it. I didn't think you'd need a visual for that ;-)

To finish it all off, I used a single-hole punch in the corner of every page and tied them all together with scrap ribbon.



  1. Great idea and cute book! We never regretted having "playpen time."

  2. Cute book! Quiet time is good for everyone. Ali still has quiet time, and if she doesn't, she gets grouchy (and of course I do!!)

  3. Just now saw this! Ilia and I may get together soon to actually sew a quiet book from felt...would you be interested in joining us? I'd be happy to help walk to you through it...I'm sure after your sewing lesson you've already had you've got the skills you need for it. :)

  4. I never saw this post!! Love this!! :)