New Recipe

My brother called me last week to tell me about this burger he had for dinner. He said they ate at a local Irish pub & the Shepherd's Pie Burger was sooo good! I thought it sounded sooo good too so of course I had to recreate it! 

 Hamburger buns
Pea/Carrot veggie mix
Mashed potatoes
Brown gravy
Beef broth
Minced garlic
Seasonings of choice

I cooked the peas & carrots. AW then formed the hamburger patties with the peas & carrots in there. We cooked them on the stove in beef broth, 1/2t. of minced garlic, some salt & pepper. We placed the cooked patties on warm buns & topped them off with a generous scoop of mashed potatoes and then added some brown gravy on the potatoes. Topped of with the warm bun it was the ultimate comfort food for a snowy, Alabama day!

I thought it sounded weird to have mashed potatoes & gravy topped with a bun. As much as I LOVE carbs it sounded strange but it wasn't at all. It was pretty much just delicious! 

Here's a pic...remember I am NOT a photographer:

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