Weekend in the Quad Cities

Friday afternoon Anderson & I visited Andrew at work. While we were there Anderson decided he needed to be productive and take some calls.

While AW & I waited on Anderson to wrap a few things up we talked about the weekend ahead! But then Anderson had some questions so AW had to step in & help him out. They make a great team ;-)

They finally finished and we hit the road! WooHoo! Next stop, Muscle Shoals! We arrived at Amy & Austin's adorable home and got the grand tour.

I'm seriously trying to convince Amy to start a DIY/Decorating blog because she has a great eye for design and she & Austin make a great team. They have redone so many fun & unique pieces of furniture and their home is decorated with a great mix of beauty and comfort. 

Here's a fun padded headboard project they actually just completed! {Excuse my poor iPhotography. This was before I read about how to take fabulous iPhotos!}

After we finished the grand tour we headed out for a quick dinner at Rick's BBQ before leaving Anderson with them and heading to the theater.

When we arrived in Sheffield {a whole 1.5 miles from Muscle Shoals} the theater was shining bright! It was so fun and felt a little glamorous!

We met up with Andrew's parents and took some more pictures outside. It was a lovely evening and everyone was so excited to see the show, which had received rave reviews!

We headed inside, found our seats and proceeded to do what any other iPhone-owning-American does...you know, take selfies and instagram them.

The show was great! It was a wonderful mix of students, teachers and professionals and they did such a great job! Shout-out to my BIL, Peter, for doing a great job acting as a pimp and making me feel completely uncomfortable! 

After the show ended the cast was standing outside in the street to greet the audience. It was so much fun and of course, another photo opp!

A fellow cast mate & Peter!

Peter & Andrew
We arrived back at Amy & Austin's to find our Little Man passed out hard from a night filled with throwing balls, watching Lion King and eating grapes. Talk about a wild Friday night!

We all chatted for a few minutes and then headed straight for bed! All of the previous night's ball-throwing proved to be very tiring as Little Man slept until 8:45! A Saturday Miracle!!!

Andrew went to The Donut Shoppe & Amy whipped up some blueberry muffins and we lounged around talking and eating. It was so nice! 

A while later we said our good-bye's and headed off to meet up with the fam at Legend's, a local steakhouse.

It is a neat restaurant and had a live jazz band playing! Anderson's favorite part was the water fountain out front.

What's more fascinating than water falling on rocks?!

After lunch we headed to the campus of UNA where my mother-in-law graduated from. It is a beautiful campus complete with Live Lions! Yes!

And in addition to the live lions the campus also has a toddler-terrifying Lion Ride!

But don't think that the $.50 went to waste...

By the way, Peter, are those Sesame Street characters wearing black leather?!

We continued our walking tour where my romantic husband came across some artwork that moved him. Literature-based artwork. My husband was moved. To do this...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Other than our lack of flowing locks I think we look pretty legit! Right?!

We saw the rest of campus...

...drove around Florence where there are some beautiful old homes...

I asked AW to buy me this house. He said no. I thought that was a little rude.   

....drove over the dam and then headed for The 'Ham! 

What did you do this weekend?

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