All Anderson

We've been having some minor internet woes this week but hopefully I'll get some more posts published. As it is, enjoy some pics of Little Man because much to your surprise, I have not posted every picture I've taken of him on other forms of social media.


Anderson LOVES his Uncle Stephen. He always has. At times he even chooses Uncle Stephen over Mama or Dada. He watches Uncle Stephen & wants to be just like him! What are we going to do when Stephen leaves for State next week???

He wore Uncle Stephen's State lanyard all afternoon. Even to the grocery store!

And one morning he wanted me to put ear buds in just like he'd seen Uncle Stephen do.

Anderson is so loving. He's always been a snuggler and he loves to give kisses & hugs! One of his favorite things to do is sit in a lap & read books. He gets his touchy-lovey side from his Dada & his love of books from his Mama!

One Saturday his friend Selah came to the pool & when he saw her he immediately ran over to her to give her a hug & a kiss. It was too sweet!

One afternoon he showered Baby Noah with kisses & cuddles and I couldn't get over the sweetness!

And almost every single night before he falls asleep he sticks one of his feet in the air & gives a little grunt which is the command to rub his feet. One morning he had a case of the sillies & I stuck my foot at him & did The Grunt & he plopped right down on my bed & began to rub!

And speaking of bedtime, the child LOVES bedtime. He lets me know the minute he gets sleepy by saying, "Night-Night" "Night-Night" "Night-Night". And he'll do a wave to signal he's going to bed. We lay on his bed, cuddle, nurse & then I rub his little feet. I guess it's no wonder he loves bedtime!

Another thing he loves is balls. He must always have a ball in his hand and really he prefers a ball in each hand but he will settle for just one. "Ba!" "Ba!" "Ba!" He can spot a "Ba!" from a 1/2 mile away!


He also loves to help. He is always closing doors, sweeping with his little broom or wanting to be in the mix one way or another. Yesterday I let him help me carry a bag of groceries inside & despite the fact that he had a fever he loved every second of being a big helper!

And lastly {for now} he loves taking his shoes off in the car. It's the first thing he does after he safely tucks his "Ba!" in the side of his car seat. I guess he was just too tired to finish the job on this particular car ride!


  1. He is too precious Laura! You have been blessed with such a sweet and happy baby.

    1. Thank you, Sharron! You are right, we are very blessed! Hope y'all are enjoying your last days of summer :-)