Cloth Life

Last week my mom cleaned out her linen closet and had this pile of old sheets:

The benefit of old sheets is they are really soft from lots of washing & drying which means they make wonderful wipes & liners to use with cloth diapers! Since my friend, Bekah, and I made these little dolls for our LO's I've really been wanting to use my machine more and wipes/liners is a great beginner project!

Just cut out squares {for wipes} & rectangles {for liners} and sew, sew, sew! I got 3 liners & 6 wipes out of just 1 pillowcase!

The benefit of cloth liners is that when you're expecting your LO to go #2 you can put in a liner & "save" your diaper. Less staining means prettier diapers and greater resale value!

Speaking of pretty diapers check out this adorable new Charlie Banana I just got from Target!

 I used my Red Card & that made this diaper around $15 which is about a $5 savings from ordering from CB's site plus no shipping & no waiting anxiously for a new dipe to arrive! Yes, CD mamas wait anxiously for new dipes! Ha!

Another new diaper I'm LOVING right now is our Imagine fitted! It is a wonderful overnight diaper & the only cloth diaper we've ever used overnight that didn't leak! The cover is large enough to actually cover the whole fitted! I attempted to get a picture of Anderson in it but he had The Sillies & this is the best I could do:

Some great news about Imagine diapers is that you'll be able to find them IN A STORE soon! This is huge since most CD's are only available online {hence the anxious waiting}. 

My friend, Kristy, is opening a fabulous children's consignment store that will have all sorts of wonderful clothes, toys and baby gear PLUS Imagine CD's PLUS essential oils PLUS amber teething necklaces & anklets! It's pretty much going to be FAB!

And speaking of The Store...she wanted some pictures of our playgroup in their cloth diapers for the store. Most of y'all have probably seen the pictures on Facebook or Instagram but here they are again!

This series of pictures makes me literally Laugh Out Loud:

"Ready, Set the babies"...

"And RUN!!!"...

"And laugh at how they sat there for .72945 seconds"...

But despite 8 splashing, crying, walking, wiggly toddlers Kristy managed to get this:
{L-R: Anderson, Annalise, Emma Kate, Isla, Thomas, Selah, Ava, Anna Beth}

Which was worth all the {literal} sweat & tears!

If you want more info on Cloth Diapering check out my friend Ilia's 3-part blog series! She's awesome!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I love the new CB! So cute! And yeah, Imagine fitteds are like, the best thing that has happened to us from a diapering perspective! We went from leaks every night to no leaks ever!! Awesome! :o)

  2. Look at those sweet little bottoms--what a great shot!! Wish the CD's were that cute when my little people were sporting them. Just plain white back then.