Everyday Living Kit: Part 1

When I became a Young Living member I got the Everyday Living kit. I was so excited to use it but when it arrived I wasn't sure what to do with it. Which oil or oils could I use right then??? I wanted to test them all but {thankfully} I didn't have multiple ailments at that exact moment so I settled for smelling them all.

They smelled wonderful!

But as time has passed I have used every single one multiple times. I have had my kit for almost 3 months now so I will let you know which oils I have used the most and how I have utilized my oils!

{I'll review 3 different oils per post making this a 3-part series}


This blend of oils has been great for battling bug bites this summer. Anderson is a mosquito magnet {I assume it's because he's so sweet!} and his legs were covered up at the beginning of summer. Whenever he's had bites I've applied 1-2 drops of Purification mixed with a little bit of coconut oil and rubbed his legs down. It immediately takes the itch away!

Peace and Calming:

This is a wonderful blend of oils that I have enjoyed using at bedtime. I love when Andrew rubs it on my feet. Also, last night Anderson was a bit wound up when we laid down to go to bed and was pitching a typical toddler fit. I put one drop of P&C on his feet and he immediately calmed down. I am not exaggerating! He didn't immediately fall asleep but he immediately calmed down and his lids started getting heavy. He laid very still & kept sticking his little foot in the air for me to rub it. It made me laugh!


This blend of oils is excellent for muscle aches and headaches. 1-2 drops is enough to help ease the discomfort. Andrew & I take turns rubbing this one on each other; he likes it for sore muscles after a work out and I like for my neck and lower back aches. It smells nice and feels even better!

If you have Purification, Peace and Calming or Panaway what are some ways that you enjoy using them?

If you don't have them what are some ways they could benefit you & your family?

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