Come On In!

It's Christmas time!

Of course last year was special with a Little One on the way but I'm so, so excited about this year!

He gets presents & we'll start our own little family of 3 traditions.

Our first tradition is decking the halls!

Hey, what's in here?

 These things are awesome! 
(He gave each ornament a hearty shake & a toss over his shoulder...I guess that means he approves.)

I then gave him my iPhone in an attempt to keep my ornaments in tact. This was a result.

He then found the cranberries and decided those were the most fun for wrapping oneself in.

But wonders of Christmas wonders was throwing paper everywhere! PAPER!!!

What you don't want me to do this?

So after Anderson wore himself out wrecking decking the halls we put him to bed & had a post-Thanksgiving feast before we got serious about decorating!

I just bought this ornament to represent last year & I love it! It's so perfect since he was our little Christmas gift!

This is our newest ornament for this year! I love collecting these!

The next morning he was quite curious about the little men hanging from the bottom of the tree. It's so cute to watch him play near the tree.

This year he got all new ornaments for his tree! I love it so much I'm using it at his birthday party (in just 2 short weeks!)

Here's our front door! I love the lighted garland!

Send me your Christmas cards! I've got a pinspired clothes pin wreath to hang them on!

And here is our  Christmas tree with the wonderful large-colored lights! Last night we just sat with only the tree & garland lit & listened to Christmas music on the radio. It was so peaceful!

And lastly here is our Christmas ribbon wreath! I did silver & gold so that I could keep it up through the New Year ;-) I love making these; they're super easy & satisfy my crafty desires without me getting in over my head!


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