One whole year of being a mother.

It's amazing how long the nights are. It's amazing how short the year was.

I can't help but be mushy & overly-sentimental when I reflect over this past year. Yes, it was hard getting him here and the first couple months were not exactly "fun" but after we got out of "survival" mode every day seemed to be a wonder.

Every new milestone was amazing. Even watching his hair grow longer was amazing. 

He made me a mother. He taught me how to love like a mother, how to breastfeed, how to be so completely connected with another human being that you are aware of their every move even outside of the womb.

Motherhood has truly been a joy. I'm not trying to pretend that every day was "the best day ever". True, there have been tears & frustrations on both sides of this relationship. But thankfully those moments were few & far between.

We made wonderful new friends this year and regardless of where life takes us I will always cherish these mamas & their sweet babies. I pray our friendships continue to grow.

The 1st MONTH I learned that AW & I were more of a team than we had ever been. Having a baby is a bond like no other!

The 2nd MONTH I learned that I can feed my baby. And I can actually enjoy it! What a gift breastfeeding is!

The 3rd MONTH I learned that cloth diapering is not as bad as I thought!

The 4th MONTH I learned that milestones are nothing short of amazing & a gift from God!

The 5th MONTH I learned to trust my "motherly instincts" & start my baby on food one month early!

The 6th MONTH I learned to go with the Baby Flow. He decided to go on a months-long food strike!

The 7th MONTH I learned how to travel with a baby!

The 8th MONTH I learned to just relax & give him whatever it is he would actually eat. His favorite foods are yogurt, bananas, black beans & just about any carb there is (he's his mama's boy with all that carb consumption)!

The 9th MONTH I learned how to baby-proof EVERYTHING with a little crawler on board!

The 10th MONTH I learned the frustrations of a sick baby. And what a blessing modern medicine is & how WONDERFUL tubes are!

The 11th MONTH I learned what fun holidays are with a child! 

The 12th MONTH I learned the terrors of having a new walker but the JOY of realizing we made it a whole year!

Thank you Anderson, for all you have taught me. Here's to another year of learning but most importantly loving.


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