What We're Reading

I'm always interested in what other people like to read. I'm always looking for a good book to get into. I thought I would share what we're currently reading & please share what book(s) you & your family are currently reading!

What I'M Reading:

Anne of Green Gables
L.M. Montgomery

I'm really liking this book. Believe it or not...*shock & awe*...I have never read it before. I decided to give it a try because my pediatrician (now Anderson's ped) was talking about how he went on a cruise and one of the stops was at Prince Edward Island and they offered tours of the Anne of Green Gables home. He declined the tour as it was $65 for a mythical character's home (and who can blame him?!) but it made me curious about the book so I made a trip to 2nd & Charles and have really enjoyed it.

What WE'RE Reading:

Forged in Faith
Rod Gragg

The author of this book spoke at our church over the summer and we began reading the book, as a family, then. But then our trip to South Carolina came & there was so much excitement that we fell off. We've decided to pick back up as it is Election Season. It's a wonderful book about why, how & by whom (who?...I never know) our country was founded.

Norman Rockwell America's Best Loved Illustrator
Joel H. Cohen

We are reading this in anticipation of going to see the exhibition at the Birmingham Art Museum! It's a short & simple biography on Norman Rockwell that I found in the children's department of the Vestavia Library. It's a fun read!

What ANDERSON is Reading:

Eric Hill

He loves all of the Spot board books! They are perfect for him because they have big, bright pictures, one sentence per page and he can turn the pages himself (his favorite)! He will sit in my lap for 30 minutes & let me read to him and I LOVE IT!!

What ANDREW is Reading:

My Text Messages
Laura Wilder, Wifey Extroidannaire

Ok, he is not much of a reader. He gets up at 5:30 to have his quiet time & hits the ground running all day long. By the time he gets home he plays with Anderson, helps me put him to bed and is so tired he falls asleep on the couch. Sweet, hard-working man!

So there you have it! That's what we're reading! 



  1. My class reads Anne of Green Gables each year and this year I got so into it. I am on book four of the series and love it even more! :)

  2. Awesome!! I've always loved Anne of Green Gables (though I'm not sure I've ever actually read the entire thing...but the movies are wonderful!) and LOVE the Spot books. :) Let me know when y'all plan to go to the Norman Rockwell exhibit! I really wanna go see it!

  3. Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young--highly recommend this one! Also just finished What Would Jesus Eat? by Don Colbert--very good info. and rather convicting, actually.

  4. Ali and I just finished the abridged version of Anne of Green Gables! She loved it!

  5. Found your blog through you version fresh start Devo, hello!! Super growth book Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud He was at women of faith last year. My husband has read practically everything he's published! Great if you are at a point where changes must be made and you are tired, bored, fed up, or not moving forward. I took tons of notes and go back to them. Going to check out your blog now
    ; ) Elaine called Summercrafter on the Devo