Baby Toys or Marketing Ploy?

As the consignment season has been upon us I've been hitting all the sales with my Christmas & birthday lists for Anderson. I've been on the look out for those special toys & books that I want him to have and that I know he'll love. 

With his birthday being 3 days before Christmas I'm trying to get a major jump on buying his gifts. I feel like I've been really successful and tomorrow I'm #52 to shop at Kid's Market!

Except here's the thing, the past few days he's really taken an interest in some things I haven't gotten at the consignment sales. 

One thing he really enjoys playing with that I didn't think to put on my list is CHEAP TOILET PAPER.

I mean, look at that cute chubbers. All those toys spread everywhere & what does he choose to chew on and play with? A SPOON!

And then this morning he crawled away from his toys to do this:

So now I'm left wondering...are all these baby toys & "educational" toys just a marketing ploy???


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  1. Yes, yes they are. I feel your pain, as does my house, and toilet paper, and wet wipes, and spoons.

    The forks WOULD feel your pain as well, but Noah has already thrown them all away.