Officially A Mom

It happened.

After much gnashing of teeth. Crunching of numbers. Searching online and general anxiety...

We bought our first car.

AW & I have been very fortunate to not have a car payment. Both of our cars have been pretty reliable and best of all, thanks to our parents, they were paid off!

I loved it. I didn't care that my car was missing the right side mirror. I didn't care that it was full of dings & scratches. I didn't care that it made some horrendously loud squealing noises every time we cranked it. I just reveled in the fact that we did not have a car payment.

I would say, "I want to drive our cars til the wheels fall off".

Well about 5 weeks ago I got a flat. We replaced it. Then about 3 weeks ago we quickly discovered that my air was only half working. It would blow half out front & half on feet. Which hey, I can take the heat but my poor baby in the back seat was having to sweat it out!

That, I can not take.

We talked about it. Which car is for us? What do we want out of it? And we came to the horrid realization that the best vehicle for our family was the...mini van.

Yes, I said, mini van...

I have always said I would never drive a mini van no matter how many children I have. But, alas, it was the only vehicle that made sense.

It's large enough so we can have more children in the (far off) future. It's roomier than any SUV. And it's sooo easy to get in & out of!

& admittedly, I LOVE IT!

And so does Anderson (of course):

So, which van did we get?

A 2008 Honda Odyssey:

AW said this purchase makes him feel like an official parent. 

It makes me feel like an official boring, dorky adult.

I PROMISE this is not the beginning of mom-jean wearing & tacky holiday sweaters or tennis shoes with jeans.

I'm hoping I can make the mini van look cool & young.

We'll see...

So, since we just got this beast I can't tell you ALL the things I love but I'll name the few loves I have so far.

1. Automatic sliding doors! I just hit a button & those bad boys open on their own for me! That is a HUGE help since I'm always toting Baby & bag at the very least.

2. Cup holders! My cup holders in my other car had long since disappeared.

3. It has a HUGE trunk! I would've snapped a pic but it's full of junk at the moment.

4. Working A/C in the front & back!

5. Rear windows that roll down! Gone are the van windows with the clippies! Who knew?!

6. ROOM! Seriously, look at all that space!

So if you see us cruising around town give us a wave! We're still cool!


  1. My favorite part of this post... "We're still cool!" hahaha!

  2. Aw.

    You poor thing.

    Way to be less vain than me!