Be Still My Mommy Heart

My baby boy did 3 new things in less than 24 hours last weekend!

It was almost more than I could take.

Of course there is great joy in watching your child grow & develop & learn new things but it is also bittersweet at times. I know I have a long road ahead if these 3 things made me a little teary. But I just couldn't help it!

1. He found his toes! Ok, this one didn't make me teary, it made me smile. Is there anything quite so adorable as a baby putting their sweet baby feet in their mouth?

2. He started taking a sippy cup! Seriously...this one did hurt my heart a little bit. He looks so big! I knew he was ready because whenever we have a cup with a straw he tries to hold the cup & he puts his mouth on the straw. He doesn't quite know what to do with the straw once it's in his mouth but he knows that's where it goes! It's funny!

3. His last new "trick" was sitting up in the grocery buggy like a big boy. He loved it! He was mesmerized by everything & everyone around him.

Look at those tiny feet dangling there...


  1. He is too cute for words and growing up to be such a good boy! Look at him doing all those "big boy" things already! It is sweet to see you there every step of the way. You two cracked me up this weekend when he kept opening his mouth like he was talking to us. Love it.

  2. Such a big boy!! It IS hard - I'm right there with you. Noah decided to insist on sitting in a regular chair at the table for meals - no more high chair for him! He looks ridiculously tiny.