My Mommy Must-Haves

Every mommy has their favorite things for their baby! With so many friends expecting I thought I'd share what my favorite things (thus far) have been! Be sure to share what your favorite things are too!


This company has wonderful all natural products! These are the ones that I have (Bottom Spray, Baby Lotion, Baby Wash, Happy Mama Spray, Nipple Butter, Bottom Balm)!

The body wash is the only wash we've used on Anderson. They even used it for his very first bath in the hospital (per my request)! It smells like orange & vanilla and is so gentle on his soft skin. I love everything I've had from them. 

Oh yeah! And I have their coconut Lip Balm as well (not pictured) which is WONDERFUL to keep your lips moist but safe for sharing kisses with Baby!


Seriously, is there a parent with a teething baby that can survive without Sophie? Her legs are just right for chewing on plus she's easy to clean when she gets dropped on the floor. Just a little soap & water!


I love my bullet SO MUCH! My mom got me one for my baby shower & I was so excited. Although Anderson has been on a "food strike", before that happened I was cooking up a storm. One sweet potato made about 10 servings! It is SO economical. Obviously you don't have to have the "Baby Bullet" specifically to make your own baby food. But I just really like mine. I love the little storage containers & I won the steamer from this great site! 

Maybe I should just make the steamer it's own category. I love it that much! Not only is it good for steaming sweet potatoes and the like but also I can steam my pump parts & bottle parts & pacifiers & Sophie! When I first got it I was looking all around for new things to steam. It's AWESOME!


For all you CD'ing mamas out there! This is by far my favorite diaper! It's very absorbent with it's hemp insert. It's not bulky like the BG's & it's one size! I found them at a wonderful store in Huntsville, A Nurturing Moment! Seriously, THE BEST!

So there you have it! My favorite Baby Things. What are yours???

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  1. I'm sure I could come up with a huge long list, but one of my absolute favorites is my wrap from theportablebaby.com. I love being able to wear Emma Kate! It's the only way I get grocery shopping done since she can't sit in the buggy just yet. It's so pretty, too...I always get so many compliments on it!