The Purpose of My Blog

My blog's main purpose is to be yet another outlet for which I can bombard you with adorable baby photos. I mean, let's be real about it. Call a spade a spade. While I wish I had something funny or inspirational to write on a regular basis the truth is I don't. But what I do have to offer are adorable baby photos. 

So here you go!

You know I love sleeping baby photos:

And as wonderfully sweet as those are, I LOVE lovie-on-the-head photos even more:

So imagine my heart's delight when I snapped this picture (no, I did not stage this..it was all him):


  1. Sometimes, you just need a break from reading blogs to enjoy cute baby pics ;-) I'm sure you've read about Rachel's books that she's had printed from her blogs in years past; just think how great it would be to take what you've blogged and turn it into a baby book for A later!

  2. That last photo is awesome!! I love it.

    And yes - printing your blog to book is the easiest way to make a perfect baby book!