The Wilder Side of Artie's Life

I love our little dog, Artie. We have a million nicknames for him: Art-Art, Artimus, Cuteness McScrufferson, Skittles, Gus...sometimes we just call him whatever comes to mind.

We spoil him rotten. And believe me, sometimes he acts rotten, but we just love him so much.

Can you tell we don't have children yet?

Some of you may have seen the picture that I posted of him in his football costume, for those that haven't seen here they are:

Because we are a house divided (I'm UA / AW's AU) Artie will never wear one team's logo without the other but because we both love football I decided this was the perfect costume for our little Artie!

When we first got him someone told me that his wiry hair was perfect for some pet grooming products that add color to your dog's hair. I thought this would be so adorable since his scruffy hair goes into a mohawk naturally and it will stay that way all the way down his little body.

I have searched and searched and searched for these alleged pet grooming products. All different pet stores in the greater Birmingham area plus online. Nowhere have I found them.

The other day when I was in the middle of one of my searches a lady at a local pet grooming salon told me that her supervisor just went to the local Sally Beauty Supply and got some stuff to put in her dog's hair to make it pink.

So, I headed straight there and was overwhelmed by all of the coloring products they have. The lady was unsure of the specific brand so I called her back and asked her if there were specific ingredients to stay away from. Amonia was the only one she knew to avoid.

I finally happened upon this stuff, "Beyond the Zone" hair cement with color:

It was the only product that didn't have complicated ingredients nor did it require a 15-20 minute waiting time to let the color "soak in". All I did was "style" Artie's hair and put this colored hair cement on the tips! It was really easy and safe and the results were so fun!

Look how stinkin' cute that pup is!

The best part is it just washes out! So easy! Please let me know if you try this on your pooch! They have all different colors too! We may try green next! 

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