Beer Bottle Craft!

That's right ladies, this is a craft your hubby will be happy to help you with =)

Step One:
Buy New Castle Beer

Step Two (the part hubby will want to help with):
Drink the beer, enjoy it & then rinse the bottle & peel the label!

(I just peeled as much as I could and then ran it under hot water & used a scrub brush to get the rest off)

Step Three:
I can't exactly remember why but back in the spring I was on a jewelry-making kick. It was a short kick that lasted less than 24 hours, if I remember correctly.

In other words, jewelry-making is not my forte.

I was reading crafty blogs this morning and saw one where a woman used old glass jars. But she attached a bobby pin to it and it was cute but not exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my bottles.

(Last night was sushi, beer & Friends on dvd night)

I decided to pull out a lot of my crafting stuff in hopes of inspiration coming to me. I also put on my favorite "inspirational" music (Amy Grant's "Hymns for the Journey") and got to crafting!

Back to my earlier point about how I can't make jewelry; well, I had purchased some beads and stretchy string and whatnot in hopes of making something beautiful. Little did I realize it would turn out beautiful just not in the form I had originally imagined!

I took some of the black stretchy string, string some beads on at random intervals and used a glue stick to fasten the beads to the bottle. I just continued this process until I decided it looked finished.

Here's a pic:

I'm not quite sure what I'll use this bottle for although I probably will use it on our porch somehow. I might use some wire and add it to my wind chime collection...I'll let ya know what I do.

I still had another bottle but didn't want to do the same thing even though I liked the final product.
I had a black tank top that has gotten too small so I cut off the black, lace straps and tied it around the bottle. I have a really pretty pendant from my beads & jewels collection so I just looped it in with the lace and voila!

The best part is, I didn't use any adhesive so if I get tired of it I can just take it apart and use all of the pieces for another project!

I added a flower for the final touch & decided that for now it belongs on my coffee table!

Take a look:

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