Little Memories of Simple Joys

I love the little, sweet moments of life. Don't we all? Sometimes I'm most overwhelmed {in the best possible way} in those moments. Moments like this morning when we went to the grocery store at 8:30. 

I like going early because not many people are there and all of the workers are fresh for the new day ahead. This morning when we went my Anderman still had his jammies on & was rockin' his bed head. He's a morning person & enjoys waving at every person we pass. They enjoy it too.

This morning as we were wrapping up our grocery trip the nice lady at the customer service desk asked if he wanted a balloon. He had already seen two other children with balloons & was "asking" for them. I told her yes, he would love that. I picked the bright green one & he signed "please". I handed it to him & asked him to sign "thank you" back to me. He was too excited about that bright green balloon. But I did get a little chuckle when the nice lady asked me if he was deaf & if that is why we were signing.

As we walked out the door the wind was blowing and Anderman was wrestling that bright green balloon to keep it as close as possible. I loved that moment of just watching him take joy in something so simple.


  1. This is so sweet!! And I LOVE it when babies can sign. Seriously so amazing. :)

  2. I am all about the small things that are so big in life! This post was really touching. He is very sweet, Laura.