Pancake Delight

So, Anderson does not like carrots. 

I've tried a few times. I've lovingly steamed the carrots. I've ever-so-sweetly pureed the carrots. I've portioned them out and made lots of silly faces trying to convince him that carrots are the most delightful of all the vegetables.

To no avail.

One evening we were having breakfast for dinner and in an attempt to jazz up our pancakes I mixed in some applesauce & cinnamon. It was a huge hit & Anderson gobbled it all up!

So you see where this is going....

I had an epiphany.

Suddenly the pancake became the vehicle for all fruits and vegetables that he will refuse.

And then the carrot cake pancake was made. And eaten! With much delight!

All I did was steam about 12-15 baby carrots, pureed them and added them to some really easy, cheap pancake mix. I then added about 1t. ground cinnamon and made the baby's pancake.

Seriously, he could not eat it fast enough.

Then for our pancakes I added 1/4t. ground nutmeg and 1/4t. ground clove.

It was yummy & perfect for fall! 

Maybe you've already made these before. Maybe Ihop has made them before. But I felt smart & original. For once! Now go make them, eat them & revel in the goodness that is fall flavor!

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  1. Smart Mama!!! I'm impressed. I need to start hiding Noah's vegetables in doughnuts. Or, as he calls them, "NONUTS!!!!"