Tee-Tee & Tee-Vee

Motherhood is definitely teaching me what it means to rely on Christ. I mean, I think my brain up and left the day Anderson was born. And my ability to get anything done around our home is quite diminished when there is a little one needing my arms at all times.

Granted, it has gotten easier as he's gotten bigger but still...

In fact, last week I was trying to get laundry done and there was the constant tune of Baby Whine playing. He was bored watching me fold the laundry. He wanted me to play with him but my husband & I needed our clothes to be washed, folded & put away.

I put Baby in his exersaucer and turned the TV to Disney Junior where Doc McStuffins was helping out some poor, deflated soccer ball.

He was hooked.

And guess what? I got all of the laundry folded and put away! 

I mean, if you have a better way to keep a 5-month old occupied let me know, I'll certainly try it. But I suppose for us it's Disney Junior. #MommyFail, I'm aware.

My next #MommyFail is that I forget to wash our sheets. 

In the early days of Motherhood you're in a fog. One night Anderson had a blow-out diaper and we had baby poop on our sheets. We got up in the morning and cleaned and changed the baby and went about our day. 

That night we went to bed tired when I saw the poop stain on the sheets. But I was so tired, so I got a towel and covered the spot and laid down and slipped away to sleepyland.

The next 3 NIGHTS I slept on that towel. I thought about how ridiculous it was that I was still sleeping on this towel on my poop-stained sheets so I put a reminder in my phone so that I would remember to change and wash the sheets the next day.

Seriously, my brain has left the cranium.

Wednesday night AW was packing to go out of town. He had to be up at 3:30 the next morning to head to the airport. At some point in the night / early morning Anderson's diaper leaked and we had a giant pee stain on our sheets.

I was rushing around to get us both ready & out the door Thursday morning and I kept telling myself, "Don't forget to change the sheets!"

I forgot.

And it dried and I forgot until Saturday night when we were all back home together and while we were laying in the bed drifting to sleep I got a whiff of baby tee-tee. And I remembered that I forgot.

Why am I sharing these #MommyFails? Because while I realize that most of you have personal maids and housekeepers and your homes are in perfect order just in case there's an off chance that one of you doesn't have the perfect home just know you're not alone!

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  1. I love it! And I can totally relate. You're doing a fabulous job - no worries.