Week of Firsts

Two weeks ago was a fun week of firsts for us.

It started off with Mother's Day weekend. My first Mother's Day. Mother's Day is SO fun when you're a mom! You get presents & extra love!

The Friday before Mother's Day AW took Little Man off to do some shopping:

It was kind of nice to have a couple of hours on a Friday evening to myself. But also kind of strange. I really didn't know what to do. I was definitely happy when my men came home!

Sunday was very special.

I woke up & got 2 very sweet cards. One from AW & one from Baby A. They also gave me my gifts! (AW said to put a disclaimer up with the picture that he did NOT get me that book because he wants 19 children, he only got it for me because he knows how much I love the Duggars.) ;)

We went to the early service at church & when I picked up Anderson from nursery he had made me a sweet little craft:

Of course I immediately put it in the baby book!

After church we went to one of my favorite places, Waffle House! Yummy!

We then headed to my grandmother's house in Oxford for lunch and an afternoon of family! 
Here's me with my sweet son:

And here's 4 generations:

That sweet little outfit was my brother David's when he was a baby. We're definitely missing him but proud of how hard he's working!

The next first was Baby A rolled over! I knew he was probably getting close and on Tuesday morning he was playing in the floor. I was watching him & talking to him but of course as soon as I looked away he did it!

I looked up and there he was on his tummy just smiling so big because he was so proud! I immediately got out the video camera but that little stinker wouldn't do it again! He was so mesmerized by the new "toy".

Here he is so happy to have flipped over:

The last "first" from last week was started to feed Baby A food! The Dr wanted me to EBF til he was 6mos. but my Chubby Bunny just couldn't wait. Anytime we ate he watched intently while smacking his little lips! Then one morning he actually reached out to grab my granola bar! I couldn't believe it! 

So, I called the Dr. got the "go-ahead" and got to work! I was so excited about getting to use my Baby Bullet:

The first thing I made him was oatmeal. He did ok. He at about 1/3 of the serving before he got tired of it. My mom watched him one evening while we went to see The Avengers & she said he ate the WHOLE serving of oatmeal! I couldn't believe it!

He's now had bananas which are also a big hit and he's had avacado which, unfortunately, messed up his tummy.

Look how cute he is sitting in his high chair like a BIG BOY (*tear*):

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  1. Congrats on your first mother's day! It IS fun, isn't it??

    He's getting so big - - such a cutie!!