Crazy Yarn Lady

My brother, Stephen, was cleaning his room last week and found this wooden picture frame. He made it at school but had never used it for anything. He knows my love for mod podge & asked if I wanted it to mod podge or do whatever with.

Of course!

But since I LOVE wrapping things in yarn I decided why not wrap this too?

Then I had some leftover buttons from the curtains I decorated for the nursery and I found the little wooden ducky at Hobby Lobby. It was too big to go on the frame & since I didn't want to put an actual picture in the frame (there's no glass) I decided to just make it a piece of Ducky Artwork!

1 comment:

  1. CUTE!!!

    I need to Mod Podge something really soon. Everything I need is sitting in my craft closet.... except for time.