A Celebration Proposal


I have a proposal...but the only way it will work is if we all get on board! I think you'll like this idea...

Let's think about what a birthday is...

It's celebrating the day you were born. But, do you remember the day you were born? No? Me neither!

Does your child remember the day they were born? No? I'm going to assume mine doesn't either!

Now, does YOUR mother remember the day you were born? Yes? I know mine does.

Do YOU remember the day your child was born? Yes? Who could ever forget THAT!

Life starts at conception, so therefore, our babies are actually older than we say...Our 3 month olds are actually 1 YEAR old!

So, here's my proposal...Let's change up what a birthday celebration is all about. On a child's birthday, let's celebrate the MOM!

You know, get her a cake, buy her gifts and take her out to dinner. Just think about it, the more children you have, the more birthdays you get! Afterall, YOU certainly remember that day & YOU certainly did all the work...am I right? Are you with me here?

Now, I haven't forgotten about our precious kiddos. Let's give them "Life Day" celebrations. We celebrate them by getting them a cake, throwing a party & buying gifts & celebrate it on their ECD (Estimated Conception Date).

Afterall, we are all 9 months older than we say. Plus Mom's would get their own life day celebration PLUS birthday celebrations, according to the number of children they have.

Doesn't this make sense???

Who's with me?! 


  1. My hubby was JUST talking about the whole "but aren't I actually 9 months older than what my birthday says I am?" thing yesterday! I like the bring mom a cake idea ;-)