I Swear To Tell The Truth...

...the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Ok, maybe not the whole truth. I don't think most of you could handle the whole truth. In fact, I can't handle the whole truth and I'm living it.

In some ways, I feel like I was set-up when it comes to birth & natural childbirth. I've decided that if it's been longer than 12 months since you gave birth you have probably forgotten the reality. Now, before I continue, this post is in NO WAY aimed at any person in particular & is mostly just in good humor =)

I read books & talked to women and EVERY.SINGLE.WOMAN (that had done natural childbirth) said,
 "Oh, it was not as bad as I thought."


"It wasn't nearly as painful as I built it up to be."


"I had an epidural with my previous & my last child I went natural & it was a cinch!"

So, I had confidence. I wasn't scared, in fact I was excited and definitely READY! You know the phrase, "Ignorance is bliss"? Yeah, that applied to me before giving birth. 

Well, after my very long and painful labor and my now longer-than-expected-recovery I am determined to TELL THE TRUTH. I would never scare a pregnant woman or just talk about my experience unsolicitedly (don't think that's a word, but you know). BUT, if someone asks, I'll tell them. I've been saying, "If you want to know how serious God is about sin, give birth."

On this postpartum road I have been asked some unexpected questions, which I have sworn to tell the truth on from here on out:

Question 1:
The day after giving birth I was talking to our amazing doula who asked me, "So, would you recommend natural childbirth to your friends?"

What I said: "Well, ummm, I mean, if they were interested in it I would say go for it but it's ok if you don't want to or decide to get an epidural"

What I was thinking: "Well, ummm, I mean, NO! I would say you would be CRAZY to do this! RUN! RUN! RUN! to the drugs & don't look back! DRUGS ARE YOUR FRIEND!!!"
(Keep in mind I wasn't even 24hrs postpartum at this point, so if you are really wanting to go natural just know my response may not be so dramatic now =)

Question 2:

I was at my 6 week postpartum checkup and the sweet lady behind the desk asked, "So how did you enjoy your stay in the new hospital?"

What I said: "Well, ummm, the room was really big..."

What I was thinking: "Excuse me? Enjoy my stay? My body had just been ripped open & this tiny human being came out crying & 100% dependent on me for everything...I wasn't exactly 'kickin' back'. Pretty much the only part I 'enjoyed' were those wonderful, wonderful drugs that the nurse brought to me every 4-6hrs. That percocet/Ibuprofen combo is ROCKIN'!!!"

Question 3:

This question has been asked of me by 2 different women...

"So, did you have an easy labor?"

What I said: "Ummmm...no."

What I was thinking: "Oh please don't ask me that! You don't want me to answer that! NO! It was awful, terrible, long, painful!"

I decided to spare the pregnant woman mental strife & just said, "No, but that was just me. You just have to remember that you can do it and your body was made to do this. I did it and I'm here to talk about it." (followed by a half-hearted laugh...)


So, unless you want the truth, please don't ask me these questions because from now on I'm just going to say it. Not to scare people but just so they don't feel set up.

But despite the pain, there is the most adorable little boy in the world to show for my efforts & he makes it all worth it..

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  1. He's adorable!! I appreciate your honesty. I've never at all felt compelled to have even a second of natural childbirth, but I am of course not opposed to those who do.

    And, I've always had a fascination with why people would choose that. I genuinely want to understand the reasons behind it.


    I have yet to meet anyone who did have natural that talks about the extremely painful side of it.

    (And, since my last childbirth had way more natural than it was supposed to, I'm quite familiar with the pain.)

    So I applaud you for telling it like it is.

    So now the question is: would you do it again?

  2. I was *NOT* happy about ending up with a natural childbirth with my second, as I had been looking forward to getting that epidural for many long months leading up to it. I say, bring on the drugs! Motherhood has enough really horrible parts that you have to endure, by all means, get out of what you possibly can.