Let There Be Light!

One morning I was rushing out the door for class and in my mad scramble I realized I forgot something and swung around to grab it. Because I only have class two days a week I take A LOT with me because I spend all day Tuesday & Thursday in Montevallo. This day was no exception and I had my large Vera Bradley packed to the max. 

Back to the mad scramble: As I turned around my bag picked up some major force and swung around slinging me with it and knocking over our pretty floor lamp. I tumbled and the lamp came crashing down snapping the neck in half. Sad face.

I was so mad that my bag was so heavy, mad that the lamp broke and mad that I now had to retrieve my forgotten book plus clean up the mess. Grrr...

Side Note: Have you heard Francesca Battistelli's song "This Is The Stuff"? You should listen to it. This song applied to my life that day. It says, "This is the stuff that drives me crazy"....Word, Francesca, word.

Anyways, so we have been without one of our lamps in our living room and I've hated it. We don't have any overhead lights in our living room so we need our lamps for light! We have another floor lamp on the other side of the living room and a tall end table lamp but I love for it to be bright so I've been thinking about what to replace the lamp with.

I really didn't want to get another floor lamp. I basically hate them and that one was a find. It was a pretty one at a decent price. Well, today I went into the SA (Salvation Army) to see if they had anything good and I happened upon a lamp! I wasn't even looking for a lamp!

And it was only $3.99! Woohoo!

Here it is:

It's perfect because it's large, but not a floor lamp. Also, it's my favorite color, YELLOW! and it's distressed albeit naturally but distressed nonetheless!

I love distressed things, especially yellow, distressed things!

But I don't like broken things so I had to figure out what to do about the base:

I went to my happy place, Hobby Lobby, and found some adorable leopard print ribbon to dress up my lamp. I also stopped by Big Lots and purchased a new shade! Hooray!

I just cleaned the lamp hardcore with clorox wipes and hot glued the ribbon on. I also "strategically" placed the lamp on our bookshelf.

Here's the final product:

Now I may run to Publix to make it the perfect day ;)

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