Friday's Letters

So, every Friday I see Laura post "Friday Letters" & I think it's such a fun link up! But then Friday hurries by and I haven't participated. But this Friday I'm not rushing around & I remember! 

Dear Craigslist Shoppers,
Please buy my things! I've got some good stuff at a good price. And I promise I'm not a psycho!

Dear Craigslist Buyer,
Thanks for making my first Craigslist sale awesome! You showed up on time with cash in hand and didn't try to kidnap me! Buy some more of my stuff. Please!

Dear iPhone,
Please don't actually take 4 hours to backup.

Dear Fall,
I'm so ready for you to be here. I'm ready to wear my new jeans with boots and an Alabama t-shirt. I'm ready to make yummy dips for football Saturdays. I'm ready to don my houndstooth earrings. I'm ready to feel cool morning air. Where are you???


1 comment:

  1. Ha, I love the Craigslist ones! I got some of our wedding stuff from people on there & the first time I meet someone I was so scared I made the hubs come with me. Some people are just to crazy! Also, I'm so with you on the fall stuff! Can't wait for it to be here! Hope you have a great weekend! = )