Here's my latest poem I wrote for Creative Writing. I hope you like it!


They come in multiple colors & shades
But not every color is an option
Only browns, greens, blues & grays

We need & use them everyday
The limited colors are that of an ocean
Or like Earth when seen from far away

These mysterious orbs set in multiple shapes
Take life in while in motion
Life's colors & forms they help us appreciate

They read words & people & art & light rays
They expose the world & do not take caution
When showing the truth of the world we have made

They help us also to select a mate
They show our lover's beauty, drowning us in a visual potion
We are piqued by the sight commanding our gaze

How cruel that the organ that shows us our days
Should give into that "windows to the soul" notion
Never to be caressed or feel the lover's passionate blaze
To remain untouched, to remain unfazed.

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