Read This, Not That

For Christmas I got 9 or 10 new books and for my birthday last week my dear husband got me a Kindle! In other words, I love to read and lately I have been reading non-stop.

So, I've decided to share what I've read and let you know my personal opinion. I won't really do plot summaries, just let you know whether or not I think it's worth reading. Happy Trails!

(Oh & I'll be rating these books in terms of worms rather than thumbs up or stars) 

This book was awesome! I had been wanting to read it for months and even borrowed it from the library but because I was in school and there was a waiting list I didn't get to finish it in time before I had to turn it back in. Bummer.

So, when I got it over Christmas break I was super-psyched and read it non-stop for 4 days. After I read it I shared it with my mom who loved it as well. Also, it's coming to the silver screen sometime this summer (I think June).

I suggest you go ahead and read this book and get excited for the movie version too! If you like southern lit you'll love it!

I give it 5 worms...

Next up to bat... 

This book was awful. I absolutely hated it. In fact, I am baffled by the fact that it is so popular. It was extremely over-detailed, with mind-numbing techincal language and had very disturbing scenes that were unnecessarily portrayed.

I was either bored or horrified throughout this book. A typical who-dun-it, family murder mystery it was poorly written and down-right terrible.

I give it 1 worm and that is only because it's actually published. This movie is also coming to the silver screen in the U.S. (already made a version over in Sweden) and if it's as graphic as the book I would suggest you stay as far away as possible...

Now moving to a more "intellectual" piece...

This book was given to me by someone in our small group and I have to say I love it! Zinsser is a professor (can't remember if he's retired or not) who has written several books and revised this particular book several times.

It is so easy to read and has SO many practical writing tips. He wrote this book, primarily to people writing non-fiction but there are so many good things to keep in mind that I think anyone who does any kind of writing will learn a lot.

He keeps it easy but real and I will probably (and hopefully) read this book many, many times each time learning something new. If you love writing for your job or just for yourself PLEASE READ THIS BOOK as it will only help you improve!

Not surprisingly, I give this book 5 worms...

This next book is extremely practical and affects a wider audience...

We are currently reading this book with our small group and we are almost done. This book was recommended to AW & I when we were engaged and we ordered it, or so we thought, but it ended up being the work book. 

Between working full time and planning a wedding within 6 months we never got around to ordering the actual book and actually forgot all about it. Until now.

If you are engaged or married I DEFINITELY suggest reading this book together. There are so many great insights and so many practical suggestions to keeping your marriage Christ-centered. Harvey references not only Scripture but several theologians, authors and even modern-day movies.

It is easy to read and a GREAT way to generate meaningful conversations with your spouse.

I give this book 5 worms...

I'll go ahead and wrap it up with something lighthearted...

If you enjoy the Pioneer Woman's blog then you will definitely enjoy her book! She is hilarious! The book chronicles her courtship with her hubby (Marlboro Man) and their engagement and first year of marriage. I probably really enjoyed it because I am in that stage of life.

Also, it was the first book I read on my new Kindle so I really enjoyed getting to use it!  

I think it's safe to say that if you are a guy you wouldn't enjoy this pick but if you're a woman hoping for love or living in love then you will definitely appreciate Ree's humor.

I've also read a rumor that this book is also coming to the silver screen but that might just be an internet room. I hope not!

I give this one 3 worms...

If you've read any of these books let me know what you think about them!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews Laura! I have been wanting to read The Help and this was a great reminder to request it from the Library!