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Lately, I have come across some products that I have found very useful and I decided to share them in hopes that you too might find them useful!

First on the list: MOLD ARMOR
Ok, as we all know mold is a fairly common problem here in the south. Between high temps and extreme humidity, our showers and bathrooms really don't stand a chance. And because I live on the ground floor of an apartment complex, I feel that this factor amplifies all of my nature-induced woes...But for now I will only focus on mold. We don't have a serious outbreak or anything, just some spots that have showed up over the summer. They were on our walls & ceiling right above the shower. 

Being a skeptic I went to the store to get some spray just to feel better about at least attempting to remedy the problem and when that didn't work my next plan was to call on maintenance in hopes that they had some super-strong-commercial mold killer.

So anyways, back to when I went to the store...I went to Publix (my fav!) and found this stuff for $2! It was the cheapest they had and as I figured none of it would work, I decided to go ahead and try it. The directions told me the usual "Just spray & leave for 10-15 min. & POOF, your mold will magically be gone"..."no scrubbing required"..."yada, yada, yada"...

I sprayed the stuff, left the room and ate some lunch. I came back a little bit later and literally it was all gone! IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! Just try it, you'll see!

Product #2: WHISKEY
That's right, good ol' Jack Daniels. With sinus infections, allergies and colds blossoming all around, I have felt achey, stuffy, sneezy and throat-scratchy a couple of times. Each time I made myself a hot toddy. 

This consists of boiling 1 cup of water, pouring it in a mug that has 1 Tbsp. of honey in it. Then squeeze all of the juice out of 1 lemon that you can add a 1/4 cup of Jack & stir.

Also, be ready to go to sleep. The main thing it does is make you sweat all night causing the impurities to leave your body. It's amazing & this little bottle only cost $10. That is cheaper than a bottle of Zyrtec or any of those other crazy meds that don't help overnight as this good old-fashioned remedy does.

Drink to your health! (Also, I've heard that brandy works the same, if you don't have any whiskey around)

Product 3: SALT
Now, I have naturally low blood pressure and I am not that concerned with my salt intake. Ok, let's get real, I'm not concerned at all. I love salt. I love salt way more than sugar! Whenever I eat something sweet, I have to get a little chip or a little bit of salt in my hand to stop eating as I just can't end on a sweet note. It's just too much sugar I suppose. 

Anywho, I realize that a lot of people out there are concerned with their salt intake and might have a thing of salt just lying around wasting away. Okay, maybe it's not wasting away as, after-all, salt is the great preserver.

Well, one way you can utilize your salt is to deoderize tennis shoes or probably any closed toed shoe for that matter. As salt absorbs odor, it works well when you pour a little bit inside a pair of stinky tennis shoes and just let it sit over night.

Just be sure to tell your spouse if you put salt in their shoes as they will wonder what that crunchy feeling is during their workout! (Sorry, AW)!

Final Product: PETHEAD
I feel as though this summer has been especially warm and humid. Add that to the living-on-the-ground-floor factor and you get fleas. Lots of fleas in fact. YUCK! This summer we have had to double Artie's flea treatments and limit his baths so as not to strip the medication. Now, I would much rather have a greasy pooch than a flea-filled pooch so I have sacrificed the weekly bath and now give him one every 2 weeks right before we treat him.

Well, because my little Art-Art is so small and has such thin hair he gets hot easily and his thin, old-man hair gets greasy pretty quickly. He also develops that lovely sweaty doggie smell. Delightful! 

Well, I have discovered waterless shampoo spray! And it is "Blueberry Muffin" scented! And unlike the "Tuscan Meadow" scented conditioner that never has smelled like a Tuscan Meadow (or maybe a Tuscan Meadow smells like a wet dog) this actually smells like a blueberry muffin!

It's basically food-scented febreeze for your dog! Cool! 

Now, Artie probably wouldn't endorse this product as he ran from me while I was spraying him but I am sure he now appreciates smelling like the little love muffin that he is!

Look at the Cuteness McScrufferson!

My sweet little muffin face!


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