Summer Table Setting for Under $10!

Here's the thing, I contemplated whether or not to do this post and reveal my "cheapness". You know how it's etiquette to not say how much things cost regardless if it was really expensive or really cheap. But I've done other posts revealing the price tags and so figured this one was no different except that this is extreme cheap-ity.

AW & I were very blessed to get a new table and chairs from my parents and I l-o-v-e them! They open up and brighten up our space and coordinate better with our other decor.

So, in the spirit of newer, brighter things I decided to figure out a summery table setting! I have been wanting new summer dishes but just haven't found any that I love. I've looked everywhere: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Belk, online stores even Dollar Tree.

I couldn't find anything that I liked or that worked with my centerpiece. I really enjoy old things and therefore I really enjoy going to yard sales. I went with a co-worker of mine back in the fall and found these adorable little jars for $0.50 or $1.00 each (I can't quite remember):

I bought them because I thought they were cute and then later decided they would make a nice fall centerpiece by adding some "forever flowers" (fake sounds so tacky) to them:

Cute, right? Well, one day I was doing a price comparison between my beloved Publix and the beast that is better known as Wal-Mart when I came across some simple dishes in all different colors!

(FYI: in the end Publix ended up being cheaper, YAY!) 

When we were registering for our wedding gifts I picked out all white dishes so that I could accessorize them and use them for every season and holiday. Our dinner plates are large and for this setting work as chargers!

So, I picked out a set of four dinner plates in a darker teal color ($1), a set of four bowls in lime green ($1) and four cups in a dark purple color ($2)! That's right, all of my summer dishes cost $4!!! Needless to say that is one purchase AW approved!

I set up our new table with our new dishes while working in our formal dishes and I must say I think it's a great match! A summer sensation! *Sorry, had to be a little cheesy* Here, see for yourself:

To celebrate the summer season and our new table AW cooked some of the most delicious steaks I have ever had! We also had an Italian salad along with broccoli and cheese and a wonderful merlot we discovered at World Market! We later topped it all off with a trip to Yogurt Lab! YUM!

This was also a chance for AW to flex his grillin' muscles and believe me he was prepared...see?

Actually he would prefer this picture, way more manly and intense:

In the end it was a fabulous meal with fabulous company on a newly fabulous table! We even lit our wall sconces for the occassion!

Afterall, life's too short not to eat a big, juicy steak now and then...especially when Winn-Dixie has them on sale =)

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