Refried Furniture - - Coffee Table

I re-did my new coffee table this weekend! I purchased it at Encore Resales in Pelham. I love that store! They have a lot of already re-done furniture which I would buy all of it if I could. They have some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen. They also have a thrift market where there is cheapy furniture just waiting to be re-done! That is where I found my diamond-in-the-rough of a coffee table. I have a picture of how it looked originally but it's on another camera and I just can't figure out how to get it on the computer. I will give you a quick description of it; it was a decent warm wood color with a glossy finish however there were some minor scratches and little flecks of blue paint here and there. I then went to Home Depot and purchased Behr paint in Black Suede and Hampton Green. I love Behr paint! I used Sherwin Williams last year for a project and it just does not compare. Behr is so smooth and thick and it is fairly easy to manipulate. I got the colors in a flat matte finish. I also got a small roller and a brush. I sanded the table lightly all over and then painted a coat of the black suede (which is an absolutely gorgeous color; I would paint a whole room in this if I could). I let that coat dry for about and hour or two and then I painted a second coat. I then let the whole table dry overnight. My original plan was to paint the whole thing black then green then distress it all but when AW saw the table in black he begged me to leave it like that but I already had the green paint and I was really excited about trying out my plan so I told him that if the green looked bad I would just paint it over with the black and be done with it. Saturday was a really busy day so I did not get to work on it at all but Sunday morning I painted the table-top green but decided, in the spirit of marital compromise =), to leave the legs black. I let the table dry for a few hours and then I used a small craft paint brush to dry brush black streaks all over the top. I let the table dry overnight again and then Monday morning I sanded the top. Now, for this sanding I had to use a lot of muscle because I had done two coats of the green paint when I should have done only one because of the thickness. I distressed it and I really like the way it turned out. I am really glad that I left the bottom black. It might have been too much if the whole table had been distressed green. Here are some pictures of the process. Let me know what you think (be honest but don't judge my messy apt.)! I am almost done with the entertainment center. I am hoping to have it done no later than Saturday but we will see how that goes! Just be on the lookout for it...
The cost for a new coffee table was:
$18 - table
$20 - paint (I bought a gallon of each because I am using it for the E.C. also but I really only needed a 1/2 gal. total for both projects, so I overspent here)
$2 - sand paper


  1. I liked it best black.

  2. I love it green and distressed! You are very creative and very talented and I can't wait to see the entertainment center!