Refried Furniture--Salvaged Seats

So, I am undertaking a couple of furniture re-do projects and I will be blogging about the results. The first one is a very small project of re-upholstering my dining room chairs. AW & I are so fortunate in the fact that we did not have to purchase any furniture except a TV stand when we got married. AW's parents gave us a dining room table and chairs however the set is older. The fabric on the chairs was stained and outdated. Also, the set is small however the pattern on the chairs was large. It was too large and was overpowering making the table set seem even smaller. I, with the help of AW's muscles =), recovered the chairs with a smaller, more delicate & fun pattern. It was too easy plus all of the fabric at Hobby Lobby was on sale this week! We purchased a strong stapler from Home Depot plus some staples and went to work. We (& when I say "we" I mean AW) simply unscrewed the seats, placed the seat cushions upside down on the fabric and pulled it tight around the seat and AW stapled right over the existing fabric then just screwed the seats back on. I purchased 3 yards of fabric although I could have done it all with only 2 yards. We are talking about how to update the look of the table & chairs by possibly staining them. What do you think we should do? Take a look at the pictures and leave suggestions on what you think would look best! We are totally open.
All in all for new seats the cost was:
$13 - Fabric
$9 - Stapler
$3 - Staples

Be on the lookout for more posts on an entertainment center and coffee table that I am currently working on... 


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