I have been looking forward to this month's row! Caps for Sale! This is one of Anderson's favorite books & there are so many different concepts to work with. The main two we focused on were money and monkeys...not much relation ;-) But both are fun for toddlers!

We did lots of fun crafts but this one was my favorite! We used pictures of Anderson & he got to stack caps, made from different pieces of scrapbook paper, on top of his own head. We both had lots of fun with this one!

I bought a money kit from the dollar store & he loved playing store with the money & his kitchen. For about a week he asked me how much everything cost. I was fixing his "wunch" & he said, "Oh! I pay you $200 for da Mac-n-Cheese." Haha! He now wants to "pay" whenever we go grocery shopping, which means not-so-lovingly toss all of my groceries onto the belt & then push every button on the keypad..eeek! So, introduce the game of "store" at your own risk!

I also found these large, paper coins & bills at the dollar store & we used them a lot to learn to identify the different coins. There were a few quarters, dimes, nickels & pennies so we would sort them out or notice & talk about the different symbols & presidents on them. He definitely can't tell you all about them but we both enjoyed talking about it. That's one thing I'M learning through all of this...he's not going to remember or know all that we talk about & do. I'm trying to view it as introducing lots of different concepts. I could be wrong, but I think that's appropriate for his level of development. Which is great & lots of fun but sometimes it would be nice to see a "result". I can see why giving lots of tests could be a temptation in the far future. You want to know your efforts are producing fruits! 

I never did find a Barrel of Monkeys for us to play with. I need to just order them from Amazon.

I found some fun Caps for Sale related worksheets & activities via a pin on Pinterest. He enjoyed doing them, especially this one!

These were our St. Patrick's Day related window clings:

These were the supplemental books we used. All 3 were awesome! 

Our chapter book was a flop. I got Mercy Watson to the Rescue. It's the first in a series. It's only 60 or 70 pages but has a lot of bright illustrations so we read it in one night. In fact, we read it several times. I hated it. It was stupid & poorly written & just ridiculous. Anderson enjoyed it though. By the time I returned it there wasn't enough time to read another "real" chapter book. 

It was a fun month of learning, playing OUTSIDE! Welcome Spring! And starting baseball! We also celebrated lots of birthdays, including mine. It was a busy month but in a good way. 

Here's a link to my March pinterest board.

Our verse was Psalm 34:8a - Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!

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