What's The Secret?

Remember this summer when I thought it would be great fun to pick blueberries and to make applesauce from scratch?

Well, apparently I forgot about that because I decided last week that it would be a great idea to make applesauce again. It being fall and all, you know. I did remember it being difficult to peel the apples but, "the apples were so tiny. I'm sure that's why it was so difficult," I reasoned.

Well, my peeled off fingernails object.

While I had high hopes of going to a semi-local apple orchard this fall when I emailed the owner asking if toddler's would enjoy it I got a strange reply back of, "...wait til next year. But come take pictures. Make memories."


I ultimately decided to wait until next year to pick apples & take pictures & make memories. Instead on my weekly shopping trip to Publix I picked up an extra bag of apples. Red ones. Shiny ones. BIG ones. All the better for peeling.

So, I began to peel. Hmmm, it wasn't quite so easy.

"Oops, there went a fingernail."

"Ouch, my hands are cramping up."

"Oh, well, at least I haven't dropped any apples in the trash this time..."

*anger & curses* "Totally just dropped an apple in the trash! I'm going in for it. Oh wait, two egg shells in there, it's a goner."

"Ok, I'll peel just 2 more apples."

Next apple, dropped in the trash.


I took my bowl of not-dropped-in-the-trash peeled apples, looked at the bits of peel scattered all over the floor & trashcan and shook my head. I checked the clock. 40 minutes. It took me 40 minutes to peel 7 apples.


I decided quick, short strokes with the peeler worked best for the apples but my goodness! No wonder cavemen & women ate "Paleo". It's not because they were health-conscious, it's because WHO HAS TIME TO PEEL APPLES??? Much less chop them, season them & cook them only to come out with 2 small jars of apple sauce!

I've decided the peeler is one of the worst kitchen utensils. It makes you think you can do things that you can't. Or maybe I just need a new vegetable peeler. Either way, do you peel fruits & vegetables often? Does it cause you bodily & mental harm? If not, WHAT'S YOUR SECRET?

Doesn't it just look menacing?


  1. Ha! Ha! Love this post Laura... I don't know the secret but the quickest way I've found is just to use a regular knife. You usually end up cutting off more apple but at least it won"t take 5 years...peelers are the devil!

  2. I refuse to peel apples! SO....I'm no help.