It's All Fun & Games Until Your Pants Won't Button


It's fun being pregnant & I don't mean to be a whiner but sometimes it's just hard.

Let me preface by saying that I am very grateful for our son & grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant but sometimes you just need to vent a little. Or cry.

Last night I nostalgically went through old photos on facebook of my college days. College was such a fun time & I always looked good, I just didn't know it.

I never had to worry about out-growing my skirts & pants in one weeks time. I didn't have to worry about if a shirt was long enough to cover my quickly-growing belly. I didn't have to wonder if I really needed that second bowl of ice cream.

Today, I think about every bite of food I put in my body or don't put in my body. I wake up dreading getting dressed every day. I shudder at the thought of shopping.

In fact, this past weekend AW took me to a couple of stores & their maternity sections were hardly anything to write home about. In fact one store had approximately six maternity shirts one of which was bedazzled & said, "Bumpalicious"...

Yes, because that's what every fat-feeling pregnant woman wants to wear. & besides, who has a bump that looks like that??? I looked like that when I peed on the stick at 4 weeks.

Another thing, I don't kow if I've slept all the way through the night since I found out I was pregnant. In the beginnning it was due to anxiety, "what's that feeling?" "what if this happens?" "what if I'm carrying multiples?"

Now it's due to acid reflux, back pain, mild, mild contractions, back pain, Baby A kicking me so hard I feel nauseas & did I mention the back pain?

Several people told me how great it is to be pregnant & that I would develop a glow & that my hair would be beautiful. Here's the thing, in my 1st trimester "the glow" = a broken out face and as far as my hair goes, it's hopeless.

In fact, I found dandruff this weekend. How disgusting is that?!? I've never had dandruff before in my life but of course when my hair is supposed to be at it's most beautiful it rebels to be it's most disgusting.

I really shouldn't be complaining. I've only been up sick all night twice but sometimes at night I just cry. I feel fat. I feel tired. My ribs hurt. My back hurts. And I still have about 3 1/2 months to go.

Any encouragement? Or ideas on where to find CUTE maternity clothes?


  1. Target has cute maternity clothes! I would use hot pads or hot water bottle to relieve some of the pain at night. You might want to rearrange your pillows so where you are sitting up slightly as you sleep to help with Acid Reflux. There is also pregnancy massage and facials to help out with your pain and skin issues! I hope this helps!

  2. I feel your pain. My pregnancy with Noah was ROUGH - very little fun involved.

    Target does have cute maternity stuff, and I found that my second pregnancy, I really preferred normal clothes - just ones that were longer than usual. They fit better and were much more comfortable!

    Don't worry - you'll make it! It just may feel like FOREVER. And for that, I'm sorry.