Who Are You?

So, now that we know we have a wildman on the way I can't help but wonder who he is. What he looks like. What his interests will be.

I hope he doesn't have his daddy's baby-squinty-eyes:

Or his mommy's baby acne:

I wonder if he'll be as suave as his daddy when we dress him up:

Or adorable like his mommy:

I wonder if he'll have too cute blonde hair & pretty blue eyes like his daddy:

Or reddish-brown locks & big brown eyes like his mommy:

It seems inevitable that he will suck his thumb:

I just hope he never feels confused (or maybe constipated) like his mommy & daddy must have at some point in their childhoods:


  1. adorable. cute post. He is going to amaze you at every breath. And you will never be so inthralled with ONE single human being. so exciting.

  2. Love this, you are too cute!

  3. One thing is for sure, he will be a mix of both of you and himself all at the same time and you will see his daddy come out in him at times and will love to point it out to him and daddy will see mommy come out in him and love pointing it out to you. It's so much fun!