Food Baby or Wild Baby?

Well, I had another Dr.'s appointment! It was great! Like I've previously said, I LOVE GOING TO THE DR!!!
(At least when it has to do with Wild Baby)

I've been wondering if the "pudge" that's forming around my stomach has been the result of my unhealthy food cravings or if that is actually Wild Baby growing. My jeans haven't fit since about a day after I took the home test (no, really...) & my other pants are currently being "buttoned" with a hair tie looped through the button hole. Classy.

In the following comparison pics DO NOT judge my ribbed, butterfly tank or poor posture. I was trying to keep my unmakeuped face out of the shot. You're welcome.


So, after my picture experiment I've determined perhaps it is Wild Baby after all. I know for sure it is now. Everyone keeps asking if I'm showing (mostly my friends I haven't seen in a while) & I tell them yes, but it just looks like I ate too much. When I wear my maternity shorts it looks cute but I'm ready to look cute ALL the time.

When did you start showing???

At my last Dr.'s appointment I got to HEAR the baby's heartbeat for the first time & it was overwhelming!!! I felt the same way as when we first SAW that little heart pumping away. Wow!

It took the nurse a few minutes to find the heartbeat & I started getting worried. She could tell because she could hear my heart speeding up and told me to try to relax sometimes it takes a minute. So I stared at the ceiling and mentally told myself, "DO NOT CRY!" "DO NOT CRY!" "Everything is fine! Baby is fine! She just doesn't know how to work this thing!" "DO NOT CRY!" I was also praying & begging the Lord to PLEASE let her find the heartbeat!

She decided she couldn't find it & needed to go get the ultrasound machine just to make sure everything was ok. I REALLY began mentally yelling at myself not to cry. And just as she was about to put up the doppler we heard it! There was no mistaking that sound! ...And I cried. Alot.

In fact, I couldn't even speak or answer her questions. I was just crying from relief and from joy. A beating heart inside of me. Being pregnant is THE MOST amazing experience of my life. I wish I could fully express it but I know I would never be able to.

The nurse handed me some tissue and I tried to compose myself. She then had a brilliant idea that I had totally forgotten about. She asked if I had a smart phone to record the sound on & so she found it again & I got to record the sound & I have listened to it every single day.

But a really cool thing was I was able to text the sound file to AW so he could hear even though he wasn't at the appointment. I also texted it to my mom. She then texted me back about how she was crying & it made me cry even more.

Eventually I stopped crying and made it through the rest of the appointment like a "normal" person. By the way the heartbeat was 170/bpm!

Also, this pregnancy has done some weird things to my body & appetite but by far the weirdest thing happened this week. A craving hit. It was so strong I could not ignore it. I tried for a couple of days but there it was plaguing my body & mind.


I wanted bacon. Needed bacon. Everything about bacon was calling out to me. The thick smell, the hard crunchy texture & the greasy goodness that topped it off. Bacon.

Here's the strange thing about my bacon craving: I haven't had any form of pork since 2006. Yes, 5 years pork free. & here I am pregnant and needing to eat a healthy diet & all I can think about it bacon.

I had no choice. I went to Chick-fil-a and got a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit and devoured it and loved it. I was really ashamed. I didn't tell anyone. That night AW & I went to dinner with friends & I made my confession. They laughed and I felt so gross but oh so good...

The next morning I got another bacon, egg & cheese biscuit & Wild Baby thanked me. I went grocery shopping and bought a big box of frozen bacon, egg & cheese biscuits and shamefully, the box is now empty.

Last night I wanted a salad for dinner which is also a miracle because just the mere sight of lettuce has made me gag but I really wanted a salad. So I got a nice crunchy salad with fresh, crisp bacon on top & it was ooooh sooo goood!

I'm not saying I'm converting to being a full-time eater of pork but I think the occasional bacon strip won't hurt.

Also, in other news we've moved and I'll share a pic of one of my favorite parts of our new place:

Yes, a built in book case! My other favorite part is our garden tub! Ahhhhh!

Also, I met with a doula to discuss what I want for my birth experience and I'm planning on doing it naturally. If you've ever done it naturally do you have nay tips? NO NAY SAYERS or NEGATIVITY ALLOWED!!!

I've also been acquiring a few gifts which I am LOVING! I'll share them with you:

My first official baby gift from a very sweet lady I work for. I wonder what she wants Wild Baby to be??

This next gift came from my BFF, Stephanie! How perfect is this?!

My cousin Amanda gave Wild Baby a very sweet book that I can not wait to read when Baby gets here! These next 2 outfits came from my mom & they are too perfect for Wild Baby! They each say: "Wildly Cute"

Next month we find out if Wild Baby is a boy or a girl & I can hardly wait!!!!! I can't wait to update you all!!! Maybe my bacon cravings will calm down by then.... =)


  1. Hey, little momma, I'm betting on a girl with that rapid heartbeat! Generally boys are under 140 and girls are over. Julie was over, Jolene was right on the line so we were thinking she was a he..not. And am I every glad for her!
    Love your blog.

  2. Yay!! I have been on the lookout for this post! I love the pics of you/Wild Baby and the new place. Can't wait to see them in person! And the image of you buttoning your pants with a hair tie is SO GREAT! Haha I love you and I love hearing your stories. And I am so happy for you and your family that you got to listen to the heartbeat of the newest member of the fam :)

  3. Hey hey my dear, this is so sweet I even teared up ablittlw bit! I am so excited for you and AW!!!! Those sweet little outfits are adorable especially the zebra one!!! I'm praying for you a very healthy pregnancy and delivery with that all natural idea.....get some tips from your mommy!!! I live you sista!!

  4. Hey! I love your blog. I can completely relate to all the emotions...even the making yourself all panicky ones. Tip: when you go to see the gender, be prepared. They make your husband wait outside while the ultrasound lady gathers all this data on the baby. It will freak you out. She doesn't say much because she's distracted. And your mind will start to flip out thinking something's wrong. It feels like FOREVER until they finally call the husband in to see the baby. Also, natural birth is awesome. I wasn't prepared and I had several flip out screaming moments. But I still loved every moment of it. And the recovery. So fast. Your doula will rock your world with all her wonderful knowledge and help. You've got this.