Budget Bride: v.1.1

First of all let me say that of course I think I had the most beautiful wedding ever. It was everything I wanted it to be but it certainly was not without the help of my amazing family! I am truly blessed to have so many aunts, cousins and friends who helped make it a dream come true. Not even to mention my parents and sister who sacrificed so much to make it the absolute BEST day of my life thus far...
I want to share things that I did and that I think most people would find helpful in planning their weddings. Wedding season is right around the corner. I personally believe the year is actually broken down into 3 seasons:
*Football Season (Can I get a BIG ROLL TIDE!!! 13!!!)
*Holiday Season (Christmas is my favorite!!!)
*Wedding Season
So as we approach wedding season let's celebrate! I'm not sure how many of these posts I will do but I hope that you find them helpful & that you gain at least a little peace of mind as the big day approaches!

Wedding Season...Two very exciting words! What emotions do these words evoke in you? Well, if someone you love is getting married you are probably thinking/feeling:
& perhaps even JEALOUSY

However, if you are a bride or parent of a bride you might be thinking/feeling:

Tip #1 --
Take advantage of today's down economy!
HOW: As unfortunate as it is that businesses are closing and people are losing jobs, there is a benefit for consumers. When you and your boyfriend/fiance are seriously ring shopping go to stores that are closing/going out of business. They are simply looking to get rid of their inventory and will reduce prices significantly. Also, don't be afraid to "haggle". Ultimately the ball is in your court in these situations. They are looking to unload inventory and make a profit of any kind. Keep in mind however, that if you do purchase rings, be it engagement or wedding, that if the store is closing you will more than likely have to get them sized at another retailer. We did this with my engagement ring and we even found a retailer that sized it for FREE! Another idea to keep in mind is to purchase wedding rings with engagement rings. This is something I wish we would have thought of. When you are in the store look for wedding bands, as they too will be reduced in price.
CAUTION: Do not order a FUTURE good/service from a company that is going out of business. Last year there were several news reports of brides that had ordered cakes from a company that later went out of business. However, they had already paid them a non-refundable deposit and ended up with no cake(!!!), leaving them scrambling to find another baker! What a nightmare!


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