Book Review: Twenties Girl

This book by Sophie Kinsella surprised me. I did not like Confessions of a Shopaholic nor did I like Remember Me. Pretty much the only reason I decided to read it was because I needed an easy read after reading The Hiding Place and Evidence Not Seen (which I hope to review later).
 The book is about a young woman who lives in London and is haunted by her great-aunt's ghost. The problem is she never met her great-aunt and she definitely does not understand her "ways". Her great-aunt, Sadie, appears as a 23 yr. old woman, not as the 105 yr. old that she was. She also is obsessed with the twenties decade because that is when she was in her twenties. The two form a relationship that is completely humorous and touching. They are on a mission to find a necklace that is precious to Sadie and in the end find way more than just the necklace. I suggest reading this book because it is entertaining and so much fun! It is a great read for the Holidays when you just want to relax and unwind and have some extra time to do nothing.
  I would LOVE to see this book become a movie! I think it would be an instant hit (with the female gender, of course)! I believe it could make you laugh, cry and inhale sharply due to shock =)

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